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Bellywellyjelly Sex Videos Leak

I am a BWJ supporter. She is very strong and I hope she continues to stay so.

Before this leak, I have absolutely no idea who BWJ is. So, I went to follow her Instagram and saw her recent posts telling herself to be brave.

Pineapple Bag from Kai (Pic from KAI)

Initially, I also had the same reaction as many kaypohs in Singapore - "Huh, why she take videos? Aiyoh." Then, I went to watch her previous Youtube videos she made with her ex, Joel, when they were still together and I saw it - her love for him. It was in her eyes and her smile. It started to cause me to ponder what he had said or done to make her fall that deeply for him. She looked like she had done all these just to make him happy lor.

Therefore, this post is dedicated to guys.


Dear Guys,

I understand that when you are very into someone, you might not be able to differentiate if you really like her in person or in bed so you pull out all moves just to have her. While I also understand that sometimes, your need to feed your ego has led you to share your exploits among your friends if that is what you call them,  I hope that in the process you will ...

1. Discuss about the future only when you mean it

Have you heard enough heart wrenching stories that sometimes, the confused guys enjoy talking about the future without meaning it?

If he has a good heart, he is genuinely confused. If he has a black heart, he knows this is the way to get a particular type of girl, in bed.

Believe him only when he actually gets down on one knee. HDB flat application does not count.

There is also a third category of guys - the "as long as she consented, it does not matter how I manage to get her to consent." Seriously? If someone does that to your daughter, will you still think it is okay?

2. Be upfront about your intentions

If you have no intentions in starting or maintaining an exclusive relationship but you like her enough, just be upfront about it so that you match with the right person and not suffer karma from cheating some poor girl's feelings.

If you have been sleeping with her on a weekly basis and you suspect she likes you but you do not like her, please inform her that you are also seeing others. I am sure you can find your next sex partner easily. Why be cruel when you can be kind?

You have been chatting with her, telling her your dreams, your problems, your family, your pets even. You tell her shit stuff like you do not want a committed relationship so she probably thinks you are at least a friend. If  it is just the thrill of the chase for you and you are going to cut contact with her after your sexual exploit, drop some hints along the way that there is no friendship whatsoever involved. If it is just bad sex for you, be cool and stay as friends.

Key message: Online Apps have made it very easy to know many people at one time. Match with the right one. Don't play with the wrong one.

3. If taking videos is your fetish, tell her what you are going to do with them

I hope you will not lie and say that this is strictly for your own consumption (when it is not true) because you want to quit porn for her and therefore you only want to watch her in videos. Love can make some women so intoxicated that they make the wrong decisions. Don't take advantage, be a good person. 

I am not sure if Joel has informed his ex that he is possibly going to share the videos with others. 

4. Come to a compromise

If she is also into videos, how about shooting those with facial expressions for your own consumption and those without for sharing, with her consent. In the first place, we have very strict laws. It is not even legal to do so.

If she is not into videos and it is extremely important to you, maybe you should just find a video girl.

It is less cruel than to lie, shoot and share.

5. Think about your own image before you share

Sometimes, you are not as good as you think you are. She did it for you not because you are hot but because she was blind and loved a wrong person. You might be shorter, hairier and more boring than you ever imagine. You might end up being the one every woman is laughing at and thinking to themselves, "I have had it better. Like that also want to shoot video?" Check out the forums or ask your female friends for their true opinion of you.

Guys, there is nothing to admire about him if he managed to shoot all these videos by playing with her feelings. Just think, will you ever want him near your daughter?


I have included a link for bellywellyjelly's bagshop - Her bags are really cute but a tad too expensive. I am thinking of getting the Pineapple Bag. 

I heard that some sponsors have dropped her, why? 

Share the post if you think I am making sense. 


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  9. We really appreciate you leaving this entry up and bringing more attention to they hot hot hot sex tape! It's so amazing watching her take that dick!

  10. This is so hot! She love long time!

  11. Mmm I wish she had bigger tits. I like to watch them bounce when she gets nailed


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