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Cody Hong and Songsen - The destructive power of Social Media!

Cody Hong and Songsen are both Malaysian Chinese Youtubers, the former, being more popular, in terms of followers. I felt the urge to comment because I felt that the online community weighing in on their petty dispute have completely missed the point on The Destructive Power of Social Media. Songsen roasted Cody on his channel and Cody retaliated, resulting in the netizens commenting that he is petty and unable to accept criticisms.

The Dog Bowl

Subsequently, because of the petty roasting dispute, some old history has been dug up by Songsen, citing that Cody has humiliated another Youtuber, Clarence, by buying him a Dog Bowl on Christmas Eve and getting him to use it to eat cereals and milk. As I am typing, I am feeling ridiculous because the content creation (Dog Bowl) seemed so childish. Kids laugh when they watch cartoon characters fall or do something bad to themselves and only God knows why. When the Dog Bowl video was released, it received a backlash from the public and Cody realised that it was wrong, wanted Clarence to remove it and offered monetary compensation. Clarence was reluctant to do so because that video had earned him precious viewership. Subsequently, whatever happened to their bromance is none of my business.

What amazes me is the huge reaction from netizens, quickly grouping themselves into 2 camps - For Cody, Anti Cody, weighing in their opinions on the petty dispute itself.

The Destructive Power of Social Media


First of all, let's get some facts straight. If you are a Social Media figure, you need to know that whatever you say has the power to smear the REPUTATION of others. This is different from the popular USA TV programme that regularly roasts popular celebrities, even Donald Trump. That programme has arranged for the celebrities to attend the roasting session and approval sought. In the case of random online roasting (Tu Cao), such as in the case of Songsen, he has not sought the approval of ANY Youtubers before roasting them. In Singapore, this might accumulate into a slander lawsuit. Anyone of them can sue him for slander and loss of income.

Gossip vs Criticism

Online netizens have said that Cody is unable to take jokes, criticism and takes what Songsen said too seriously. Hello, have you missed the point? It was not even a criticism or joke. It was a piece of unverified gossip - Songsen put a Green Hat on Tong Tong's head digitally and insinuated that he felt sorry for her and that she could consider him instead of always hanging around Cody, and acting like his girlfriend when she is not.

I don't really care if they are a couple or not but is it right to accept unverified gossip about you and your good friend being spread among thousands. Before the widespread use of Social Media, a little gossip about who and who sounds harmless among a group of friends. But when you hit the publish button, thousands have received possibly lies and this is the destructive power of Social Media.

Online Code of Conduct 

Keyboard Warriors, so used to typing their cruel and inhumane comments behind a monitor, have forgotten the basic fact that the power of life and death sometimes lies in the words we say. Just because you can get away with it, does not make it right.

Yes, being a celebrity, whether it is a Youtuber or a famous actor, has to be prepared for such cruel comments from inhumane Keyboard Warriors, since the private life has been exposed. I am just shocked that a good number of netizens seem to think that it is the right thing to bash celebrities up online just because they are celebrities. Being prepared for something bad to happen to you is totally different from accepting that you deserve cruel and untrue comments just because you are a celebrity. We need a healthy environment and a good code of conduct online. Healthy criticisms are always good but not unnecessary unkind comments or worse, lies.

Do not comment on things you do not understand. 

Lastly, another not so famous Youtuber has uploaded a video, citing that when people have done wrong, they use depression as an excuse, insinuating that Cody, who has recently revealed that he has been facing a mild episode of depression, is using it as an excuse. If his depression is medically diagnosed, I am comforted that he has sought treatment and hope that he pulls through. Nobody in their right mind, will choose to use depression as an excuse. We should not be commenting on medical conditions that we are not familiar with or worse, belittling it. To the Youtuber who has commented recklessly on depression, please read this :

Let's not underestimate the power of Social Media. It has the power to create or destroy.


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