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Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant

Siew Mai

They came with generous prawn portions and were juicy and tasty. 

Xiao Long Bao

Perfect hit for me. Thin skin that did not break easily. I could pick them up easily. The soup within the bao was delicious. 

Fried Yam

I am not a fan of fried yam but I was munching on this dish happily because it was very fragrant and not overly oily.

Pig liver with meat ball porriage $7

The porriage was very smooth and tasty. There were three pieces of liver and three meatballs. I did not like the liver because they were too thick and too undercooked for my taste. The meatballs were soft and the crunchy you tiao was a good combination with the dish. 

Roasted duck noodle $6.80

Great choice if you have a craving for nice crispy fragrant skin on top of the tender duck meat. The noodles were springy. 

Pork knuckle noodle

The taste of the pork could have been infused with more braised flavors. They were soft but surprisingly the amount of meat resembled pig trotters. Too little meat and too much fat. 

The main reason why I enjoy returning to imperial treasure for breakfast is because they serve traditional kopi or teh. Usually Chinese restaurants only serve Chinese tea.

The kopi was not fantastic but I was more than satisfied to have my dim sum with kopi instead of Chinese tea. 

It was the usual classy setting of a modern Chinese restaurant. We were seated in a booth seat with ample privacy. The noise and clatter was not deafening. The soft lighting also made it a place for a good catch up over breakfast.

We were presented with four sheets of items to choose from ranging from dim sum to their usual Chinese dishes. I like it that they serve their Chinese dishes in small servings so that you can eat it with dim sum too. 

The waitresses were very attentive and were very willing to accede requests like topping up kopi with hot water. They did not have the "I am too busy for you" look. They also served with a smile. 

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