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10 at Claymore Buffet

We had such a craving for a buffet that serves lobster that I spent time calling one hotel after another on a Sunday evening. Finally, my perseverance paid off. 10 at Claymore serves lobsters as part of their buffet menu!. I did not mind the price because of the lobsters!. Unlike Carousel which is always fully booked, 10 at Claymore still had reservations available. Off we went on our new adventure!

Extremely fresh oysters

The Canadian Oysters was the one on the right. It was supposed to taste creamier than the French one which was true. One of the freshest oysters I have ever tasted.

Huge and creamy
The flesh was sweet and not too tough - Worth my effort
American Maine Lobster (Limited One portion per pax) was a huge let down because the cheese and mushroom sauce was overpowering. I was expecting a whole chunk of lobster meat but I was disappointed that the chef had chopped the meat into pieces and mixed with the cheesy sauce.
I enjoyed the crackers with cranberry cheese and dried fruit.

Bread with garlic butter thumbs up

Mushroom Soup was flavourful but too salty
Old Cucumber Soup was much nicer!
Salad Station but I did not try
Parma Ham station caught my attention but I do not fancy Parma Ham.


Hot Dishes
I enjoyed all the hot sides on my plate! Don't miss out the soft BBQ ribs with roasted juicy pineapples!
The Chinese Steamed Rice was my favourite!

Seafood Feast
Crayfish with sauce that tasted like our Chill Crab Sauce - Thumbs up!
The Salt baked Salmon was very creamy and soft.
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Fat and juicy clams in a broth infused with the sweetness of the clams - Must Try!

Japanese Sushi and Sashimi

I was overjoyed when I discovered that the restaurant serves Kajiki sashimi!!! It was not a common sight. The Kajiki sashimi was so creamy that it melted in my mouth. It tasted sweet and fresh. The salmon sashimi was disappointing because it was not as sweet as I imagined it to be.

Salmon Sashimi

Ala Carte buffet Menu
Don't miss out on the ala carte buffet menu. You will find a list of items that you could order from the waiter which is included in the buffet.  

Award winning Penang Char Kway Teow

Peddler's Tamarine Laksa Broth - Very yummy Penang Laksa
Australian Riverland Tenderloin in Balsamic Red Wine
The rest of the dishes that were on the Ala Carte Menu that we did not try - New Zealand Pure South Lamb and Prawn Noodle Soup


Thin and crispy banana nutella crepe is a must try! 
Crepe Station
Toppings for the Ice Cream
Only two unusual flavours - Lemongrass and Cocon

There was a variety of cakes to choose from. I am not a cake person. I tried some of the cakes. They were moist and soft.
More cakes
Chocolate Truffle cake
Assortment of Puddings - The guava one was nice!
Scary Ornaments
I ended my dinner date with Claymore by having an espresso with cookies. Cookie fans would be delighted. You can also order latte, cappuccino and a variety of tea from the drinks station or waiters and waitresses.

I simply adored the high ceiling! The restaurant was not crowded and there was plenty of space to walk around. The only thing that I was not comfortable with was the spacing between the tables. You better not confide your secrets to your dinner date because the customers on the table beside you could hear you loud and clear because the tables were so close! This young lady beside us was so rude! She kept staring at me whenever I made a movement, talked to the waitress or talked to my date! She was such a rude eavesdropper. I stared back at her and she moved her gaze. Gross!

Nice Ambience
For $72 ++ per person, I expected much much much better service. I do not blame the waiters and waitresses. They were doing their best. The restaurant was just severely understaffed. They were not prompt to clear the tables and we had to stack our plates in the middle to make do. Most of them did not wear a smile on their faces. Maybe they were too tired. Towards the end of the dinner, I ordered an expresso which was not served because they had forgotten. 

Pan Pacific Orchard has an upper class feel. It is tucked in a quiet corner of Orchard. Definitely chic. 

Will I be back? Definitely. Lobsters, Juicy clams, Kajiki Sashimi, Yummy Crepe ... 

Pan Pacific Orchard, 10 Claymore Road

Sunday Dinner
S$72++ per person

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