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What to do and eat in Melbourne? A Singaporean's perspective

Queen Victoria Market

"The Queen Victoria Market is a major landmark in Melbourne, Australia, and at around seven hectares is the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere." 
Address: 513 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Guess what! We went to Queen Victoria Market around 3pm. It was closed! We didn't know that it had different closing times everyday! We decided to eat at a nearby cafe instead. 

Muleta's Cafe 

422 Queen Street 93299080

The food were surprisingly delicious! We ordered scrambled eggs with sausages, deep friend calamari and waffle ice cream. The dessert was absolutely smashing! It looked and tasted like some Masterchef creation. For $10.50, it was quite reasonable.

The next day, we made sure that we reached Queen Victoria Market before 12pm. It is a very big Pasar Malam. If u r looking for souvenirs, this is the place because they sold them cheaper than Melbourne Central.

Australia Mangoes from Queen Victoria Market

We bought some fruits from Queen Victoria Market. The Australian mangoes are a Must Try! They were extremely juicy and sweet.

Queen Victoria Market - Mussels Pot

OMG!!! This is a must try at the market! Look for Mussels Pot! I bought the mussels in White Wine Garlic Parsley at only 10 bucks! It was the best mussels that I have ever eaten. They were extremely fresh, sweet and plump! It was an unforgettable experience. Check out my blog post on the mussels.

Queen Victoria Market - Food Hall

There was a food hall in Queen Victoria Market. I tried the Porcherta Burger - imagine pork knuckle burger. The pork was very tender. The crackling could have been better. Only some parts of the skin were crispy.

Impossible to put the burger into my mouth 

Chinatown Melbourne

Little Bourke Street

We stayed in Marriot Hotel for three days which was just beside Chinatown. Chinatown Melbourne is a place where you can buy fresh abalones, eat Hong Kong style dim sum and even Shanghai Xiao Long Baos. For supper, there is a place I must recommend you to try if you are hungry after 10 pm - China Bar.

China Bar

235 Russell St, Melbourne VIC, Australia

We Went to China Bar in Chinatown area for supper! It was opened 24 hours. The portion was too huge for the twin combo meat. The noodles were excellent. The soya sauce chicken was tender, the fried beancurd sheets wrapped with prawn fillings were crispy and the roasted meat was tasty.

24 hours

Great Ocean Road Trip

Taking the Great Ocean Road to admire the 12 Apostles is something that all Melbourne visitors ought to do at least once in their lifetime because it is iconic. It is similar to visitors to Singapore visiting Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. We chose to take a day trip package instead of self-drive. We got to enjoy a picnic prepared by the guide and stopped by interesting spots such as Apollo Bay. If I were to do it again, I would certainly choose to self-drive.

Apollo Bay

At Apollo Bay, you must try The Fisherman Basket with deep fried seafood. Melbourne has an abundance supply of fresh produce. The prawns, fish and scallops were very fresh! The salad was deliciously refreshing.

Chadstone - Shopping!

We drove to Chadstone - a huge shopping centre filled branded shops. Branded goods were cheaper in Melbourne than Singapore because of their sales. 

Chadstone Food Court

Surprisingly, the food court in Chadstone was very reasonably priced. The stall selling indian cuisine sold the best lamb and beef curry I have ever eaten. The two dishes and saffron rice cost only $7.90. 

I purchased the salad from another stall which looked like a salad bar. The Rocket salad was only $6. It could easily cost 18 bucks elsewhere. 

Warratina Lavender Farm

Address: 105 Quayle Rd, Wandin North VIC 3139, Australia
Phone: +61 3 5964 4650

The smell of fresh Lavender is very invigorating and for this reason, I will recommend making a trip to one of the nearby Lavender farms. 

I chose Warratina because it had a lovely Cottage Tea Room where I could eat Lavender scone and drink Lavender tea. The old lady and the young lad were very friendly. We had warm, delicious Lavender scones with fresh jam and cream. Lovely!
I was a little disappointed because I was expecting rows and rows of purple Lavender. From the picture, you could tell that it was not the case. Nonetheless, we still managed to find a few rows and took some lovely pictures, inhaling the wonderful scent.

Travelodge Hotel Melbourne Southbank

9 Riverside Quay, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia

After staying in Marriot Hotel for three days, we checked into Travelodge for its excellent location and reasonable price. Although it was not luxurious looking, the room was very clean.

Breakfast buffet at Travelodge

Creamy eggs
We bought a day of buffet breakfast! It was a huge spread. The breakfast items were yummy and fresh. The coffee was good and I enjoyed the super creamy scrambled eggs.

Gorgeous breakfast items
Fresh fruits with yoghurt

Phillip Island Penguin Parade

Address: 1019 Ventnor Rd, Summerlands VIC 3922, Australia
Phone: +61 3 5951 2800
After a 2 hour drive, we reached Phillip Island! Please wear very warm clothing. Despite doning a thick jacket, I still felt very cold. When we reached, we were famished. There was a main restaurant at the attraction. The food was good and reasonably priced. My lobster seafood basket was $28. 

It was an extremely windy and chilly walk to our underground bunker which came with the Penguin Plus viewing. Please choose the cheaper option Penguin Plus without the underground viewing. The underground was absolutely unnecessary to me. Visitors were not allowed to take pictures of penguins. I was thrilled when the penguins arrived from the sea and started looking for their homes to meet their young and mates!

Puffing Billy

"The Puffing Billy Railway is a 2 ft 6 in narrow gauge heritage railway in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne, Australia." 
Address: 1 Old Monbulk Rd, Belgrave VIC 3160, Australia
Stations: 11
Phone: +61 3 9757 0700
Dangling legs experience
We drove to Belgrave station to take the Puffing Billy. It was only an hour away from Melbourne city. We bought a return ticket to Lakeside. Puffing Billy is famous for tourists dangling their legs and enjoying the sights. We dangled our legs for a while and decided to chill for the rest of the journey.

Melbourne Central

Busy Melbourne Central
Flinder's Street Station is an icon in Melbourne Central. The trams were free of charge for any travelling within the central area. Melbourne Central is a great place to shop for clothes but not for souvenirs. The souvenirs shop sold the items more expensively than Queen Victoria market.
Visitor Centre
Melbourne Visitor Centre was our first stop in Melbourne as this was where we booked our tour and rented a car. The staff was extremely friendly and professional.

Goodbye Melbourne! What a beautiful place to spend a cool summer in December!


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