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San Bistro - 3 Course Fine Dining for only S$23

This post is dedicated to my OTF.

Today, I went out with my OTF for lunch. OTF means One True Friend - the only friend from your childhood friends who takes the initiative to contact you, be with you through the good and bad and bothers to catch up with you no matter how many tides have turned. It is always good for the soul to catch up with OTF because it is effortless to talk and always fun. I was the first to arrive. When OTF suggested San Bisto, I thought that it was a cafe. 

San Bistro did not seem like a cafe because of the huge collection of wine and it was so quiet with only two tables of Tai Tais with their "I look so fair and hair so groomed" look. It was too good to be true because for a 3 course meal, it cost only S$23. The pricing, together with the ambience, had set my expectations way low. Edible would be sufficient but the food turned out to be pretty decent!

Cauliflower Veloute

I chose the Cauliflower Veloute because charred cauliflower is such a popular dish among Masterchef Australia contestants (oh yes I am a fan of the Aussie version). The dish had the right balance of cream with a subtle hint of cauliflower. I loved the charred bits best of all because it had a sweet nutty fragrance. Thumbs up!

Smoked Salmon Salad

OTF ordered smoked salmon salad. If you taste the ingredients separately, it will be like any other smoked salmon salad. You have to combine the salmon, feta cheese, leaves and pine nuts in order to enjoy a mouthful of satisfaction. The only minus point for me was that the salad had a bitter after taste. Bitter leaves are not my cup of tea.

Duck Leg Confit

For the second course, I ordered Duck Leg Confit because of a very shallow reason - it sounded classy. It did not disappoint in terms of flavours. I was expecting a real duck leg that would melt in my mouth but this version was a crispy one. It was definitely nice because the duck meat was tender yet the surface was lightly crisped. The risoni pasta was cooked in strong flavours. One thing that was worth mentioning was definitely the braised red wine shallot. I could feel the flavour of the red wine burst in my mouth.

San Bistro Breakfast 

OTF ordered the San Bistro Breakfast by adding S$3 more. The SBB is made up of Eggs Benedict, French Croissant, bacon, cheese sausages and mushrooms. The Eggs Benedict was a sight to behold. It looked beautiful! The egg yolk was runny; the fungus were delicious; the sausage was yummy. The croissant could be more buttery. Perhaps the French love their croissant this way? We found black fungus in the salad instead of the usual mushrooms one would expect. We had a small debate between ourselves if black fungus was considered mushrooms. What do you think? I love black fungus and she hates it. The texture of the cheesy sausage was good and firm. It was a tad too salty if you eat it on its own. It tasted great when I ate it with the runny egg yolk.

Double Fudge Chocolate Gateau

Our last course was a pretty delight! I chose Double Fudge Chocolate Gateau. The fudge and mousse tasted so soothing that it could comfort someone who had a bad day. Good chocolate has this effect, agree? The crunchy bits definitely lifted the dessert to the next level. No regrets!

Lemon Meringue

OTF ordered the Lemon Meringue. It was plated on an iridescent dark coloured plate, making the bright looking dessert stand out. This dessert was not overly sour. The petals were tasteless. If you are a fan of Lemon Meringue, you give this a go as OTF was gushing over it. I am not a fan of sour cakes.

Overall, this three course meal was a steal at 23 bucks. One thing that set San Bistro apart from other restaurants was the service. They provided baskets for ladies to store their handbags. I have never seen such prompt service staff. They were so attentive to our needs. I knew that the restaurant was not crowded but not all service staff in other restaurants would be that attentive. When I asked Juda what veloute meant, he explained to me patiently without making me feel stupid. They also made it a point to explain the dishes when they served it to us. 

It is indeed a gem in Bedok.

San Bistro
Address: 20 Eastwood Road, 486442
Phone: 64489959

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