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Artisan Boulangerie Co.

Blogging taught me one thing - food is not just about eating but the eating place is actually tagged to certain memories. Don't you agree? For instance, if you break up with your GF at Coffeebean, you might not look at Coffeebean in the same light again.

The group that I was meeting today was a precious one. Each one of them held a special place in my heart from yons ago. Let's call them Besties. I knew B1 first. Through B1, I knew B2 and through B2, I knew B3. B1 forgave me when I needed it most. B2 weathered through storms with me. B3 offers the most sound advice. It has been a long time since we last met. When you get older, time gets smaller, somehow. We were so desperate to catch up that B2 and I went to Chervon House ABC to catch them during their lunch time. I was so touched that B3 decided to take a half day off.

The Chicken and Mushroom Pie was sufficiently moist and warm. A comfort food.

Bacon and Leak Quiche
Despite awkward and silent objections, I ordered the Bacon and Leak Quiche. I love bacon. I love leak. I love quiche. It was not too bad but we all agreed that the bacon was not very prominently featured as we would love it to be.

Pan-seared Seabass Fillet
B3 ordered fish for B1 because she was pregnant. B3 always says, "Must eat fish. Baby will be smarter." The Seabass fillet was fresh and that is what a good fish dish needs to have. Thumbs up!

Truffle Mushroom Risotto
This is highly recommended by B3 and it did not disappoint. I had so many bad experiences with risotto that it was my turn to silently object but ABC version was a positive one! The risotto was infused with strong aroma of truffle. If you are a truffle fan like me, order this!

Hazelnut Crunch
B3 also recommended the Hazelnut Crunch which I strongly supported as anything Hazelnut, I am good. Indeed, every bite tasted heavenly.

Tart Chocolate
As for the Tart Chocolate, the rest love it but I found it too gelak after a while. It is still a good to try for choco lovers.

The seating area was not large so during lunch hours, it was packed. We had to make do with seats that were out of the restaurant and under the hot sun. It was hot and sticky for a while. We also had to queue for our pastries.

Overall, I love ABC. It was bursting with positive energy from the office crowd in Raffles Place. Good food. Good people.

Artisan Boulangerie Co.
Address: Chevron House #01-34, 30 Raffles Place
Phone: 6533 0801

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