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How to cook Herbal Mutton Soup?

I had a tiring day. Tomo, the day after tomo and the day after tomo sound tiring too. Recently, I visited a Chinese Physician since I felt cold easily and have backache. I told her about my tiring days and she asked me to be hardworking in eating well and eat more mutton. I asked her if beef would do, she replied and said that beef is more heaty so mutton is preferred.

A few days ago, I told the medical hall opposite my house that I wanted to cook mutton soup. She told me to boil with herbs that are not so heaty and passed me the herbs as shown.

It is very important to soak the mutton in boiling hot water and salt before cooking. I have skipped this step before and the meat was very gamey. I asked the butcher at NTUC Finest which part of mutton is good for soup and he replied, "shoulder". It is really sound advice as the shoulder does not take long to be tender. I boiled the herbs and mutton for 40 minutes and it is ready! I also added some ginger to it to remove the smell. It tastes nutritious and good!

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