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Simply Bread at Guthrie House - Creamy scrambled eggs and freshly baked bread!

Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Toast
Simply Bread is a bakery serving different types of freshly baked bread in Fifth Ave. What is amazing is that it is also a perfect place to enjoy a lovely morning breakfast as early as 8am. It has several mouth-watering eggs and toast options. Today, I tried scrambled eggs with toast as well has my favourite, ham and cheese croissant.
Ham and Cheese Croissant
The ham and cheese croissant was absolutely beautiful. The colour of the croissant was baked a beautiful brown and its buttery crust was a delicious staple to any breakfast set.
My original intention was to order ham and cheese croissant with scrambled eggs . The scrambled eggs were served with their signature toasted bread, butter and jam. The eggs were extremely creamy and cooked to perfection.
Too much for 1 pax
I was not able to finish the food on my own so I packed half a croissant back. Other than being known for their freshly baked bread and breakfasts sets, Simply Bread is also a place popularised by expats and caucasians living around the posh Fifth Ave. It was an interesting sight that the number of caucasians outnumbered the common folk in Singapore on a weekday morning. The atmosphere was very relaxed because customers were reading newspapers and clearly, enjoying their quiet moment and sipping their coffee. Don't forget to buy some delicious bread home!

Gorgeous looking bread

Chocolate Rolls

Signature Bread

A good variety


Address: 1 Fifth Ave, Singapore 268802
Hours: 8AM–7PM
Phone: 6466 7767

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