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Delicious Orh Piah Oyster Cake in Bugis Village

Whenever I go Bugis Village, I would always stop by a particular stall and buy the Orh Piah without fail. The stall has been there for more than 10 years. I love going Bugis Village to shop especially in my early twenties.

Today, I went to One Wellness Centre in Rochor Road for Yoga. I perspired until my entire shirt was drenched. No kidding but it was so shiok - to purge out all the toxins. I felt so rejuvenated and healthy. I promised myself I would eat more fruits and less junk. BUT, when I walked past Bugis Village,  I caved in to my Orh Piah. I battled in my head constantly - It is deep fried, don't waste your Yoga effort; it is so delicious, I miss it so much.

The Unhealthy battle won. I walked towards the familiar stall and bought just one. Ha Ha. I broke it apart to show you why I love it so much. It has a good mixture of minced pork meat. Some other Orh Piahs only has starch. As I bit into the crunchy cracker and tasted the moist minced meat, parsley and oyster, I was so happy. The fragrance of the slightly salty minced meat, oyster and lotsa parsley was such a fantastic combo. I tasted the oyster throughout the cracker. Nice! I like this version because it is salty, moist, sourish and crispy cracker all at one go!

I love to eat oyster cracker. I suspect this might not be the best but it would do for me as I have tasted nasty ones before. If you know of good Orh Piahs, please leave your comments and let me know! :)

Bugis Village

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