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How to cook Roasted Bulgogi Chicken? Easy Recipe included!

I love easy and delicious recipes because I am simply too lazy to read through complicated ones. There was a period of time whereby my friend and I were in love with roasting chicken. She tried it with orange and it turned out to be good. I also started experimenting how to marinate a chicken in different ways.
Half-roasted chicken

One day, I ran out of ideas how to marinate a whole chicken. I opened my fridge and found my bottle of Bulgogi sauce purchased from  NTUC Finest. I usually marinate beef with Bulgogi sauce.


Picture taken online
I marinated the whole chicken with Bulgogi sauce for 1 hour. The longer the marination, the tastier the chicken meat. Overnight marination is the best.

I also want to share a tip with you. If I want the meat to absorb the sauce more effectively, I wrap the marinated meat with a cling wrap.
Let's start cooking!

I used a microwave convectional oven from Sharp and pressed roasted chicken option. For my oven, the auto function states 60 minutes. I have been using this oven for 7 years and it is still going strong.

When using a such oven, it is important to open the oven after 30 minutes. By now, there would be sauce in the oven dish. I used a spoon to scoop the sauce and pour it over the chicken to prevent the skin from cracking or drying up. I also sprinkled some Italian herbs over the chicken.

Sharp Convectional Oven
If you want your sides to be very delicious, roast them together with the chicken. The pumpkin, broccoli and potatoes would soak up the essence of the sauce. The downside would be less sauce for your chicken. To strike a balance, take the vegetables out before the chicken.

When the chicken was cooked, I cut it into 2 halves using a pair of kitchen scissors. I find scissors more manageable than knife when it comes to handling chicken.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my recipe and be inspired to experiment with different ways to roast a chicken. Do leave your comments to share your marination and press "Like" on My Sassy Food Blogger Facebook Page to get updates on my blog! Share my post with your friends who are chicken lovers!

A chicken feast

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  1. I've tried many types of barbecued chicken. This recipe looks fabulous. as i am asian and i makde bread with best roti maker and it was so tatsy. Looks absolutely delicious and tempting....perfectly prepared and nicely presented. Thank you for sharing.


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