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Lana Cake - Extremely famous but is it really that good?

After hearing much from friends about Lana Cake and also reading the news that this long established brand name has come out tops in a blind tasting, I could not wait to lay my hands on it.

From S$42 for 800g
The sheen from the chocolate is a very appetising sight. Thumbs up for the outlook.

View from the top

Dark coloured
When I bought it, the staff reminded me a few times that it is important to keep it chilled. I was thinking how fast it can melt. By the time I took it home and took it out for photo shoot, it was far from chilled but it was not melting at all. I finally took a bite and I thought, "Normal nice chocolate cake from a good bakery! Nothing special!" In fact, the fudge tasted a little too rubbery. I immediately preferred the Chocolate Origin fudge cake.

The next day, I took it out again. It was extremely chilled. I cut a slice and again, gave it a go. Bam! Wow! It was extremely different from what I had tasted when it was not chilled sufficiently. The cake seemed to have taken on a life of its own - the cold fudge had an ice cream effect. The fudge was slightly firm. When I savoured it, the fudge melted in my mouth. The cake was extremely moist. I was in chocolate paradise. Chocolate has healing properties. A good chocolate cake is able to lift your spirits.

I took it to C and asked C to give it another chance. He also had the same OMG experience.

Lesson learnt - Listen to the staff. He asked me to make sure it was chilled and I jolly well make sure I do it.
Gold tag packaging makes it presentable as a gift.

Very old school feel

Now you know what I mean by old school

Heard that the fruit cakes are extremely tasty too

Beautiful gold packaging

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