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How to cook yummy Stewed Pork Bee Hoon? Simple recipe included!

Yesterday, I was toying with the idea to cook stewed pork bee hoon for my colleagues, something which I have cooked a few times. I was torn between sleeping longer and cooking so I decided to let my body clock decide. Surprisingly, I woke up without alarm clock and in time to cook the dish for breakfast.

Stewed Pork Leg Chilli Brand Bee Hoon

For this dish, I used the following ingredients:
3/4 pack Chilli Brand Bee Hoon
3 eggs
1 can of Narcissus stewed pork leg with mushrooms and chestnuts
1 can of Narcissus stewed pork 
black soya sauce
chopped garlic

I always use pork leg with mushrooms and chestnuts. The mushrooms and chestnuts go very well with the bee hoon. Somehow, I find pork leg more fragrant than pork chops. Nothing beats pork fats. 


To prepare the canned pork, I removed all the bones and separated them into smaller pieces with a fork and spoon.

To prepare the sauce, I removed the top layer of fats when I opened the can.  I also added a small amount of water to the sauce to make it less thick, making it easier for the bee hoon to soak up the sauce.

To prepare the bee hoon, I soaked them for 20 minutes. Soaking is important because properly soaked bee hoon helps to achieve the right texture and it releases the fragrance of the bee hoon as well.

Let's start cooking!
  • I oiled a large non-stick frying pan and added chopped garlic. Next, I scooped out all the meat, mushrooms and chestnuts from the sauce and fried it with the garlic. At this stage, I took care not to add sauce to it. The point of it all is to fry the pork with the garlic until there is a strong aroma. 
Frying of pork with garlic
  • Once done, it was time to add the bee hoon that had been drained of excess water. I gave it a good fry and it was time to fry the eggs. I pushed the bee hoon to one side and fried the eggs. I mixed the bee hoon, eggs and pork with a pair of chopsticks. 
If you don't want the taste of stewed pork to be that overpowering, you can add cabbage. I prefer the taste of stewed pork to dominate the dish so the best vegetables is Cai Xin or Xiao Bai Cai. Cabbage releases water when cooked and it has a distinct taste. Cabbage cooked with white rice, mushrooms and meat is another recipe that I have tried in the past.

It was time to add the sauce!
  • I added the delicious sauce and mixed it with the bee hoon. The bee hoon would soon absorb the sauce. 
  • I added dark soya sauce from Tiger. Dark soya sauce would increase the fragrance of the bee hoon and give it a nice colour. 
  • I remembered that one of my colleagues like strong flavours so I sprinkled some salt onto the bee hoon. George Calombaris from Masterchef Aust always says that we must add a little salt to enhance the flavour. I was so engrossed in sprinkling that I forgot to taste! It was too salty for my liking and I decided to add some hot water to save the dish. That was the only way. I was very disappointed. 
I switched off the stove because the bee hoon would break into small pieces if I continued to cook it. I knew that given time, the bee hoon would be able to absorb all the moisture. Thank God it did so!

Healthier version - Stewed Pork Chops with non-chilli brand bee hoon


  1. Im gonna have to try and make this tonight thanks


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