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Swatow Seafood at Toa Payoh - Unforgettable Fresh Cold Crab with Golden Creamy Crab Roe

Swatow Seafood is known for serving delicious Teochew Cuisine. Teochew Cuisine places emphasis on bringing out the natural essence of the ingredients. The freshness of the ingredients is a must and Swatow has done well in this aspect. Teochew Cuisine also uses less flavourings so it is overall, a healthier option among the other Chinese cuisines. The most memorable dish is Swatow's Signature dish - Cold Crab! It truly lives up to its signature status. We enjoyed it thoroughly.

Cold Crab 2 x S$38

Extremely fresh 

Creamy and Golden Crab Roe

Plenty of golden yellow roe

Cold Crab is not sold at every seafood restaurant because it is a classic Teochew dish. Teochews have a special way of preserving the natural sweetness of the yellow roe crabs. The crab meat is cold and sweet. The freshness of the crab is unparalleled. This is my first time eating a traditional Teochew Cold Crab and I am sold. I am still craving for it right now. This dish is a Must Try for Crab Roe lovers. This was the most awesome roe I have ever eaten. The golden yellow crab roe was so creamy that I almost felt like I was eating ice cream. 

Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Fish S$12

I love to eat steamed minced pork. I would order this dish everywhere because it is quite difficult to cook it at home. It is very difficult to ensure that it is cooked and yet retain the juiciness of the meat. The salted fish in this dish has no fishy smell and is nicely done. I have eaten some steamed salted fish smelling totally awful. Instead, its strong fragrance permeated the entire meat patty. The meat was also perfectly cooked, not dry at all. It is best to compliment this dish with white rice. It is definitely too salty to eat it on its own.

Swatow Kampong Chicken S$18

It is OMG smooth.
Whenever I cook, I always buy Kampong Chickens. By right, Kampong Chickens are those that are bred free range and not cooped up in cages. They are also not injected with hormones to make them look plump. Kampong chickens usually feel skinnier. By "left", I am not sure if the Kampong Chickens that we buy from wet markets is the real deal. 

Swatow Kampong Chicken was simply amazing. The taste of the extremely smooth skin and tender meat is still lingering in my mouth.  The skin had absorbed all the goodness of the sauce and I really wished for chicken rice to go with the delicious chicken. This dish is a Must Try. 

Crispy Prawn Roll S$8

Hei Zor

The Crispy Prawn Roll was tasty and not too dry. I have eaten some other versions that were overly dry or oily. The filling had a slight crunch to it. Overall, it was delicious but not delicious enough for me to keep going for it. You can consider ordering this if you have a craving for Hei Zor. 

Stir-fried Teochew Vegetarian Delight S$12

I like this dish very much because it has everything that I like - black fungus, crunchy lily bulbs, deep fried lotus etc. The dish was wonderful because it had a light fragrance to it. Lily Bulbs are also very healthy because they are supposed to calm the spirit and moist the lungs, keeping coughs away.

Crispy Oyster Omelette S$15

It's so fluffy!
For O Luat lovers, this is a Must Try because the omelette was OMG fluffy and oozing of the eggs fragrance. Very skillful! The oysters were very huge, definitely bigger than those served in hawker centres, if you are thinking, "Chey, order hawker dish for what?" Teochew O Luats are known for their large and succulent oysters, served with lightly beaten eggs. 

Longevity Noodles S$18

The cute red quail egg
Traditionally, the Chinese do not celebrate their birthdays with cakes and candles. They celebrate it with longevity noodles and red eggs. Longevity noodles represent the family's wishes for the person to have a long and healthy life; Red represents good fortune. The eggs are usually dyed with a red food colouring. It is very lovely to see cute red quail eggs being served, together with the noodles. 

Corkage S$10 per bottle

Everyone enjoyed the Moscato from D,asti which I had purchased from Jones the Grocer in Demsey. It is having a promotion now - Buy a dozen for S$30 each. Moscato is a very sweet wine. I enjoy it because it is soothing to the soul. At S$10, the corkage fee was reasonable. 

Swatow Seafood also serves a very popular Teochew dish - Braised Duck meat. Is it delicious? 

Braised meat

Very old school charm

Swatow Seafood exudes a strong sense of old school charm. The place is clean but the decor makes you feel like you have stepped into the past. This might be a good thing for you because it always sparks a sense of nostalgia among parents and grandparents. There are also many other interesting items on the menu.

The dish that left the deepest impression is still the Teochew Cold Crab with its creamy golden roe. If you know of any delicious Cold Crab, let me know!

Address: 181 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh #02-602, 310181
Hours: 8AM–10:30PM
Phone: 6363 1717

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