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Tatsu Sushi and Teppanyaki at Asia Sq 2 - Serving good quality Sushi!

Tatsu Sushi has been established in Singapore since 1996, bringing authentic Japanese dining to Singapore. Its first branch is at Chijmes and its second one is at Asia Square 2. Tatsu has Teppanyaki counters whereby chefs will perform acrobatic performances to the diners or you can also opt to reserve their private rooms and have the Teppanyaki dishes served at your table instead. 

Aburi Set - S$40

Aburi Sushi
Aburi refers to sushi where the fish is partially grilled and partially raw. The Aburi set from Tatsu is a Must Try and is the dish of the night. The fish had a nice charred taste. Everything in that small piece of sushi went well together. It was even more delicious when I dipped it with my Wasabi soya sauce.

Kani Maki - S$12

Soft Shell Crab
Soft Shell Crabs are actually regular crabs which have grown too big for their shells. They shed their shells and during the process of growing their new shells but before the shells hardened, they will be caught and cooked at Japanese restaurants.

Tatsu Kani Maki is another Must Try. The rice was so good with the crunchy soft shell crab. Tatsu is really good with its sushi.

Salmon Aburi Maki S$18

Salmon Aburi Maki
We were so impressed with the first Aburi set that we ordered another type of Aburi 🍣 - Salmon Aburi Maki. The Salmon Aburi Maki has cheese in it. It was delicious but at the same time, a let down because there was a lack of the beautiful charred taste we had experienced in the first dish. I gave the feedback to the staff and she commented that they did it this way because there were previous complaints from diners that it was too charred so they did not char it at all. Hmmm... scratch head... They offered to cook another set but we declined as we were too full.

Other than the delicious sushi, Tatsu also has a variety of other Japanese cuisine. I guess the different style of Japanese cooking all in one restaurant is what draws diners to this place for the last 17 years or so.

Gyuniku Tataki S$15

Lightly seared beef

Tataki is a dish containing meat or fish served either lightly seared or raw. The best Tataki I had was at Hokkaido Ikuzaya at Japan Food Town. Check out my post

Sashimi (S$12 for Salmon, S$15 for Tako)


Tempura Moriawase S$25


The tempura was as delicious as other tempura found in most Japanese restaurants. The prawns were fresh. There were small pieces of eggplants for eggplants lovers. The mushroom was nice too.

Dobinmushi Tea Pot Soup - S$12

Tea Pot Soup

Dobinmushi is a traditional Japanese soup served in a tea pot. It is cooked with seafood, chicken and mushrooms. It is served with a lime to add zest to the soup

 Teppanyaki Set - S$68

The Teppanyaki Set S$68 consists of Salad, King Prawn, Salmon, Garlic Fried Rice, Chicken or Beef, Bean Sprouts and a dessert. The dishes were served one at a time. We opted to be seated in a private room. If you are thinking of trying Tatsu Teppanyaki, I suggest you sit at the Teppanyaki counters to watch the performance. They were fully booked.

Salmon in an eggy sauce

King Prawn served with Mentai sauce

Garlic Fried Rice

Beef served medium

Bean Sprouts

Mango dessert

The most memorable dish was of course, the Aburi Set (5 pcs plus 1 roll). I would return again for its sushi.


Sushi Counter

Teppanyaki Counters

Asia Square 2

Located in: Asia Square Tower 2
Address: 12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2,#02-16, 018961
Hours: 11:30AM–2:30PM, 6–10PM
Phone: 6844 9855

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