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Pasar Malam beside Bishan North Shopping Mall - Experience Dragon Breath and very delicious chicken sticks

Pasar Malam means "night market" in Malay, usually set up in different neighbourhoods for a few days. I was very impressed with the new age stalls because they have pattern more than badminton. I was very surprised to find Dragon Breath in a neighbourhood Pasar Malam.

Dragon Breath

For S$5, I THINK it is worth the experience of eating the crackers with "Dragon Breath" coming out from your mouth. It is available in 3 flavours - Strawberry, Chocolate and Chocolate Banana. Watching the preparation of the Dragon Breath was also a joy, especially when I felt the gush of refreshing cool air on my face. Woo Hoo! The smokey effect was caused by liquid nitrogen. Check out the video below to experience the my Dragon Breath journey. 

My Pasar Malam Delights!

Rice Crackers with a sweet creamy filling
I was reminded a few times by the young man to eat it as soon as possible in order to experience "smoke" coming out of my mouth as I munched on the crackers. The crackers tasted crunchy, cold and sweet.

I would do anything for food.
I bought the Swirl Potato with Nacho Cheese. It looks very appetising in the picture but looks are deceiving. The potato slices were hard so you can skip this.

Ramly Beef Burger
A Pasar Malam is incomplete without the good old Ramly. I bought one chicken and one beef. Both could do with more sauce.

Sotong Balls, I love you.

Most Delicious Sticks Ever!

Most delicious sticks ever!
OMG was all I could think of when I put these sticks of squid, chicken liver and chicken thigh meat into my mouth. Delicious! It was so yummy that I had to take a picture of the stall so that I would definitely buy from them the next time. The seasoning was filled with so much power that I am at a loss for words. Where can I purchase such delicious seasoning powder? The liver was perfectly cooked. The squid, though a bit expensive at S$3, was lovely but you have to eat it immediately. It got chewy when cooled. The chicken was so awesome that we returned to buy One Whole Spring Chicken. Sedup! Please do not close that soon. I am coming tomorrow again!

Fantastic Chefs!
Pasar Malam
Beside Bishan North Shopping Mall along Bishan Street 22

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