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Astons Steak and Salad at Centrepoint - Free Flow Sides!

Astons has its humble beginnings at coffeeshops, bringing quality Western cuisine at affordable prices. Aston Soon left his job as a restaurant chef and set up Astons in 2005. Since then, Astons has been the yardstick for beef steaks. Singaporeans tend to compare whatever beef steaks they eat with Astons. "Eh, this one not as good as Astons leh!"

Aston Steak and Salad, located at Centrepoint, is awesome because of its fresh sides and juicy steaks with a nice char flavour. I absolutely love salad buffets because it kind of pushes me to binge healthily. My favourites sides are the ever sweet corn drenched in this sweet sauce, onion rings and creamy potato salad.

Free Flow Sides
The Centrepoint Astons outlet consistently churns out satisfying beef steaks at reasonable prices. I always go for the Ribeye Extra Cut - Medium.

Succulent beef steak
The Ribeye Steak is always tender and is juicy. I also like it that it is not overly marinated with sauces or salt so that the taste of the beef is the star of the dish.

Fresh salads
The selection of greens is good. The vegetables are always fresh and look appealing. The cheese selection is limited and nothing spectacular.

Cold Sides
The most delicious cold side has got to be the Potato Salad. The potatoes still retain a little crunch and its creamy sauce is always very delicious.

I can get excited over health food and I am happy to see kidney beans, sunflower seeds, chick peas, olives and also beetroots. Time to feed your body some good food!

Hot sides
The hot sides is my favourite section as I can help myself to endless servings of sweet corn and the cheese sauce is awesome! The onion rings are always crispy and yummy!

I like the Guacamole sauce. As for the salsa sauce, the fresh cream was missing. I usually eat the chips with salsa sauce, fresh cream and some spring onions.

Selection of tea
I am pretty satisfied that the teabags are from Twinings and not Lipton. Twinings is more fragrant unless it is from Sir Thomas by Lipton. It is always good to drink some tea after a heavy meal to aid in digestion. The Japanese always drink green tea and they live to a ripe old age.


Soft Serve
The soft serve is very light and you will not feel jelak eating it as a dessert after a semi-buffet. There are toppings such as nuts, chocolate bits and sauce to go with the ice cream.

Cosy Environment
The environment is lovely and I will recommend it as a place for friends or family to have a good time together. It will cost you around S$35 per pax if you are going for beef steaks.

Astons @ Centrepoint
Located in: The Centrepoint
Address: 176 Orchard Rd, #03-28/28A The CentrePoint, 238843
Phone:6235 0556

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