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Bangkok Street Mookata - Fresh Seafood, Good Variety, Delicious!

Have you ever come across The Hardworking Friend who never gives up initiating gatherings? I always appreciate Sweet Adelia for making the effort to rally everyone and checking out food places. 
This post is dedicated to Adelia for her years of friendship.

Bangkok Street Mookata @ Upper Thomson, is perfect for large gatherings because they have gigantic round tables for you to talk to every one of your friends. 

Let's Mook!
We have 2 mookatas stove for 8 people. People were standing, talking, cooking, eating and drinking beers. The menu had seafood, beef, chicken, pork, vegetables and even interesting items like smoked duck. The ingredients also looked and tasted fresh.

The most impressive food of the day was... Drumroll... CRAYFISH.

Mookata Crayfish

We ordered a few rounds of crayfish because they tasted juicy and fresh. Yums! I am salivating at the thought of yummy seafood.

We took pains to grill the crayfish to perfection, slightly charred for the amazing aroma and yet, cooked to perfection, retaining the juiciness of the flesh.

The tangy chilli sauce also tasted great with the seafood. 

Interesting Items - 

I was thrilled to see Shishamo on the menu. Shishamo is often found in many Japanese restaurants. It is a type of salt water fish and many people like it for the yellow eggs found in the body. The eggs taste salty and adds an interesting texture to the fish.

Valuable items - Flower Crabs

We attempted to cook our own seafood soup with crayfish and flower crabs. The soup was awesome. 

Well-marinated meat

We also enjoyed grilling the meat, giving a little char. The assortment of meat was great. The chilli sauce was spicy.

Comfortable Environment

The environment was clean, air-conditioned and conducive for large gatherings. Bangkok Street Mookata has a few outlets in Singapore.
Do call the restaurant to check out their menu as I heard that they just updated the menus.
14 Jalan Kuras, 577728
6452 0789

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