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Kra Pow Thai Restaurant in Far East Plaza - Authentically delicious!

I was very impressed with Kra Pow Thai Restaurant for serving delicious and authentic tasting dishes. It is located conveniently at the heart of Singapore shopping street - Orchard and therefore, easily accessible by train. What does Kra Pow mean? It means "basil". Make sure you order their Kra Pow dishes. Every dish that we ordered that night was so delicious that I do not know which one to start talking about. Let's start with my favourite.

A variety of mouth-watering Thai cuisine

Deep fried pork S$10.90

The crispy fried pork was so fragrant that I could not stop eating. This was one of those dishes whereby one forgets about one's fellow companions and would just chomp away. The other dish that got to me was Imperial Treasure Super Duck. The batter was very crispy and the marination was very good, infused with the Thai spices.

Thai Green Curry S$7.90

Lovely colour

Green curry chicken is one of the must order dishes in Thai restaurants. A good Thai Green Curry Chicken is not too hot for the palette and yet it goes very well with plain white rice because of the fragrance from the spices. It is not as spicy as the red curry as it is made from green chillies, giving the dish a mild green look.

Juicy chicken
Kra Pow's version of Green Curry Chicken was exactly what a good one will be. The vegetables and chicken were also cooked perfectly. The vegetables were soft and had absorbed all the flavours of the curry. The amount of coconut milk was also just right. It was not too overwhelming and yet it managed to give the dish the depth it needed. I definitely recommend this dish for Green Curry lovers.

Fresh tasting
To balance the rich nature of Thai food, we ordered a plate of fresh greens. It was fresh and delicious because of the crunchy deep fried garlic bits.

Papaya Salad
Another popular dish that Singaporeans love to order at Thai restaurants is the Papaya Salad. The Thais use green and unripe papaya for this dish. The papaya usually tastes crunchy with a very sour tang. It is definitely a good dish I will recommend for an appetiser. Apparently, green and unripe papayas are good for you because they have a higher nutritional content as compared with the ripe ones. They are also good for mothers to produce more breast milk. Wow!

Pad Thai

Do you know that the "Pad" in "Pad Thai" means "fried"? Pad Thai is a fried rice noodles dish, usually with prawns and eggs and topped with peanuts and chilli flakes. Kra Pow Pad Thai is one of the best ones around. If you are craving for a good one, head down to Kra Pow and indulge in a plate of delicious Pad Thai, emitting a nice aroma from the eggs, spices and prawns that will get you to salivate. The serving of prawns was generous. The prawns were also fresh. Thumbs up!

Crispy Thai Wings S$6.90

When I ordered the Crispy Thai Wings, I was expecting the stuffed chicken wings. To be honest, I was surprised to see almost bony chicken wings. These chickens confirm, plus chop*, have not been injected with growth hormones. The flavour was amazing though. Delicious and definitely finger-licking good.

Squid Tentacles Fritters S$8.90

served with Chilli Lime Aioli

The star of this dish was the Chilli Lime Aioli. Aioli is called "aioli' because it is specifically made of olive oil and garlic. Olive oil is used extensively in Mediterranean diet as it has many health benefits such as lowering cholesterol. Mayonnaise might not contain olive oil and garlic.

Kra Pow XL S$14.90

Complimented the white rice perfectly!
The shop is named Kra Pow and of course as first-timers, we had to order their Kra Pow XL! Kra Pow XL comes with choice of pork or chicken. As mentioned earlier, Kra Pow means "basil". The Kra Pow XL was delicious! You must eat it with white rice. The flavours from the spices and especially the Thai Basil were amazing. It is possible to cook a pretty decent Thai Basil Chicken yourself. You can click here for more.

Tom Yum XL S$19.90

For S$19.90, the Tom Yum soup came with a generous serving of big prawns, squids and mushrooms. You can choose either clear or red. I chose clear. The soup was well-balanced, hot enough to satisfy your Tom Yum craving but not overwhelming everything else.

Overall, Kra Pow is a place that will satisfy the palette of the young and old. I enjoyed eating ALL the dishes. 

Kra Pow is located in Far East Plaza. If you are around my age, you will reminisce the days when you were a teenager and hanging out at Far East. Far East Plaza used to be a happening place, selling affordable and fashionable clothing for the youngsters. With the number of online stores mushrooming, malls such as Far East have to think of other ways to attract crowds. Now, Far East Plaza is still an interesting mall to visit as it has tailor shops, small boutiques and many hair salons. It also houses many eateries selling delicious grub.

Kra Pow - Comfortable

Kra Pow Thai Restaurant
Far East Plaza
Address: 14D Scotts Road, #03-26/27, 228217
MRT Station: Orchard
Phone: 6734 1946

*confirm, plus chop = definitely

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