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Paradise Dynasty @ Ion

Sliced pork in garlic and soya sauce 

I loved garlic so this dish was a hit. It was a cold dish too. The combination was great but I didn't expect it to be spicy.

Drunken Chicken S$8.80

The drunken chicken was tender and infused with strong flavors of soy and wine. It was a cold dish. 

French beans with minced meat 

I enjoyed this dish but my friend commented that the French beans were not of high quality. I found it too salty though. The beans were nicely cooked as it was crisp but not hard.

Braised Dou Fu S$12

I enjoyed this dish because I loved to eat capsicum. It was infused with all the wonderful flavors of mushrooms. The Dou Fu itself were soft and tasty with pan fried skin. 

Dan Dan Mian

Dan Dan Mian was La Mian in a thick sauce that was infused with peanuts. I liked to eat Satay Bee Hoon so I liked this dish too although my friend thought it was very gross. She felt that the noodles were too soggy and not QQ. I liked the salty peanut sauce so much that I slurped the sauce from my small bowl. 

Xiao Long Bao

We ordered the normal Xiao Long Bao and the skin was a huge let down. We ordered ten and seven of them broke when we tried to pick them up. The skin kept sticking onto the paper. The chef definitely needed to buck up in this area. Taste wise, perfect. The minced meat texture was just nice too. 

Pan fried Pumpkin Pastry

The texture was very similar to a thin Nian Gao. I was hoping it would be nicer if I could taste some real pumpkin purée. The crispy batter was fragrant but oily. Overall I still enjoyed it. 

For reasonable prices, I was delighted to be dining in a tastefully decorated restaurant. It celebrated the Chinese dragon on the ceiling and yet maintained modernity. The lighting was dim yet visible. 

My friend spilled tea all over the table. A staff armed with paper towels immediately cleaned up the table and floor. The service was prompt and the waiters and waitresses were alert to our waving of hands. They didn't pretend to be busy. 

I still think it is cool to eat Chinese food in a tastefully decorated place at very reasonable prices and especially in Ion.

Paradise Dynasty
2 Orchard Turn
6509 9118
Thursday Dinner

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