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The Kitchen Table @ W Singapore Sentosa Cove

The Kitchen Table at W Singapore has a nice ambience and live stations to whet your appetite in a comfy environment. My favourite was the Pasta station.
Dish of the day

Pasta station where u can choose your ingredients

I ordered the best dish of the day. Pasta cooked to al Dante perfection; prawns were fresh, sweet and succulent; pasta were coated with cream sauce infused with the sweetness of the prawns and a hint of mushrooms.

Spinach and tomato qiche was such a let down; it tasted like overcooked steamed egg.

Tandoori chicken was cooked perfectly too and thoroughly infused with Indian spices. There was also a noodle station which I did not try. I tried the Japanese station. The salmon sashimi looked horrible but tasted sweet. It looked pale and not fresh but it tasted otherwise. The sushi was nothing to shout about and there were many to choose from in the first place.

Assorted cookies which I was too full to try.

This chocolate cake did not leave any deep impression. Very average.

The Paris Brest looked promising and was a disappointment. It was dry and hard.

I did not take this because when I asked the staff what this was, she said it was butter cake with cream.

Surprisingly, this Rhubard Financier looked homely but was one of the nicer desserts. Very nice buttery crust. Yums.

Very average pudding.

I enjoyed the deconstructed cheesecake although the raspberry at the bottom was overpowering.

The green tea panna cotta was the best panna cotta I have ever tasted in the buffets that I have gone to. Extremely smooth. When I tasted it in my mouth, the smoothness was so shook, combined with the fragrance of green tea, was a perfect touch to end a meal. I slurped up the entire dessert although i was very full.


It tasted like an orange vanilla cupcake. I enjoyed this sweet looking dessert but I could not finish one by my own. Surprisingly, the cream was not overly rich.

The deconstructed cheesecake

The green tea panna cotta

I ordered a camomile tea and mocha from the waitress to complement my desserts.

The W Sentosa and The Kitchen Table looked very atas. If you managed to get a seat by the window, you could gaze at the yachts. By now, have you noticed the upside down table on the ceiling? Perfect ambience for a nice meal. I thought the price of S$65++ per person was reasonable given the quality of the food and the ambience. The service was top notch but there were times whereby I felt watched because the staff were so responsive and alert to my needs and ever eager to clear my finished plates.

Overall, although there were some misses, I enjoyed my lunch because of some great dishes mentioned. Would I be there again? I would if I am in the vicinity. 

Sentosa Cove, 21 Ocean Way
Weekday Lunch

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