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Batam Food Golden Prawn 933

How to get to the kelong seafood restaurant? By Cab

I paid S$30 plus per person. I was shocked at the pricing but overall the trip was enjoyable because of the choosing and weighing of the live seafood. 

BBQ snapper - yummy! 

Mantis Shrimp - sweet tasting flesh! U need to
peel off the back shell to reveal the purplish flesh. S$4 per creature

Salted Egg Crab - flesh was fresh but stuck to the shell. Disappointing! Too dry and oily 

Stir fried Dou Miao

Holding your Wedding? Anyone?
Seaview duh

Catching mantis shrimp to weigh

Hot plate Tofu is quite fragrant.

I always think that kelongs are cool. Golden prawn is not a real kelong whereby you need to ride a speedboat to reach the place. Would I be back? While it is an interesting experience to participate in choosing the live seafood,  I doubt so since the cab driver told us to try Harbour Bay Seafood instead.

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