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Hougang Jing Jia Mutton Soup @ Old Airport Road Hawker Centre

"Lamb is nutritious..."

I heard it twice and decided to heed some old wives' tales since I have been feeling exhausted and having a backache. Deciding to eat nutritious food is not a bed of roses although it sounds like one. To eat nutritiously, usually it involves cooking and washing. Urggh, boy, I hate washing. Or, in this case, it involves me seeking out food which I usually do not eat - Yang Rou Tang

Mutton Meat Soup
Usually when I visit Old Airport Hawker, I seek out prawn noodles, Lor Mee, Kway Chap, Wu Xiang, Wanton Mee and Hokkien Mee. During my food adventures at the hawker centre, the mutton stall left an impression at the back of my mind. So when people say that lamb is nutritious, Old Airport Hawker flashed across my mind.

Generous portions at S$6
Thank goodness, Hougang Jing Jia Mutton Soup base was thoroughly infused with the flavours of mutton meat and bones, without the overpowering herbal taste of some other versions. It also did not taste gamey - just salty and "muttonly" with the fragrance of parsley. The mutton was soft and could be pulled apart easily. For 6 bucks, the portion of meat was considered generous.

Soooo... my friend was telling me to take care of myself. I asked him what he meant and he was stumped. I should stop scaring people away and start muttering "Thank you I will". Anyway, he said that to take care of yourself means to take care of yourself mentally and physically. Well in this case, I know that eating hokkien mee will make me happy mentally but eating mutton soup is more nutritious. Hmmm ... balance is the key lah!

Overall 4/5

Food 4/5 Pricing 3/5 Variety 3/5 Service 3/5 Ambience 4/5 Sassiness 4/5

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