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Shan Cheng - Enjoy authentic Ipoh delicacies at cheap prices

I whatsapped my buddy for lunch and she suggested eating at Compass One. It was around 3pm when we finally met. From morning till noon, I have been looking forward to my imagined feast at some new fancy place, sipping my coffee and ending my meal with a beautiful cake. I was hungry by the time we met.

Authentic Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun
"So what are we eating?" I asked. She replied sheepishly, "How about Shan Cheng? I ate it yesterday but I can eat it again." I was not over the moon because I have tried Shan Cheng a few times at One KM. Since she really loves Shan Cheng food and I could not think of a better place for two hungry stomachs, we went ahead.

There was a pleasant surprise because of a promotional set - for S$18 nett, you can get two mains, one side and two hot drinks. I ordered the Ipoh Hor Fun. The soup was really hard to describe. When I first drank it, it tasted of prawns and gradually, some hint of chicken. Overall, it was a nice broth. The prawns were fresh in a way - when you submerged prawns in salty water and their flesh turns firm. The chicken was tasteless which was a plus point for me because I disliked MSG ladened food. It tasted like how chicken should taste. The hor fun was very soft.

Homemade Char Siew Hor Fun (Dry)
My buddy ordered homemade Char Siew Hor Fun (Dry). The sauce was great - huge flavours of fried scallions, spring onions and soya sauce. The Char Siew was very lean. The dish also came with a piece of extremely crispy fried beancurd skin.

Ipoh Golden Platter
The S$18 set also came with the Golden Platter - fishballs, fish cakes, fried turnips, fried beancurd skins with and without fillings. I enjoyed every item since they tasted freshly fried. The turnip served more as a dessert for me as it is sweet. The only item that was not suitable for my palate was the fish cakes - too salty!

The main draw for me in returning to Shan Cheng with my buddy a few times was the combination of eating extremely crispy beancurd skin with hor fun.  We also got to enjoy very fragrant and strong traditional Kopi and Teh.

I am pretty sure we can find better tasting Ipoh Hor Fun elsewhere in hawker centres but Shan Chen provides a cheap alternative for friends to catch up over traditional food comfortably.

Simple set up

Mains Menu

Shan Cheng
Located in: Compass One
Address: 1 Sengkang Square, #02-28 CompassOne, Compass One, 545078
Phone:6386 4564

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