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Auntie Kim at Upper Thomson

Today marks the end of my one week leave. I was supposed to go Johor Bahru day trip with Big Man and CWY. In the morning, CWY whatsapped us saying that she was unwell and could not make it for JB which involves walking. Initially, we were toying with the idea to go ahead with JB and I also started feeling unwell. I decided to heed nature's advice - Do not go JB.

We still wanted to celebrate or mourn the end of our one week leave by having a feast. Big Man mentioned that he wanted to drink Ginseng Chicken Soup. Since we were in the vicinity, off we went to Auntie Kim, which serves decent Korean Food.

Among the refillable assorted side dishes, I enjoyed the cold seaweed the most, followed by spinach and Kim Chi. The fried thingies in the middle were not very palatable. The apple salad was refreshing.

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup (Samgyea Tang) S$25

Look at the bubbles formed in the picture. It was served with the soup bubbling with steam. Coupled with the fact that it was pouring, the steaming hot soup was perfect! I could taste the Ginseng but it was not overpowering and has a slightly sweet taste of the herb, chicken and dates. For those looking for a bitter overpowering strong ginseng soup, you might find this too mild. I dislike bitter soups so this was just nice for me.

Bibim - Bab S$16

I love Bibim-Bab. Today, I also learnt that CWY loves it too! I would order it in food courts and restaurants. Today, the Bibim-Bab was not as delicious as I remembered it to be at Auntie Kim. I am not saying that it tasted awful; it was definitely still nice but it was evident that a certain fragrance from the stone pot was lacking.

Beef Short Ribs (Saeng Kalbi) S$28

Auntie Kim would BBQ the beef for us in their kitchen which is good for me because I hate smoky BBQ Korean restaurants. The beef was tender but very forgettable. But this dish is always a must have for me because I adore wrapping the meat with raw garlic, bean sauce and fresh lettuce. Koreans are intelligent because they know that the cooling nature of lettuce would balance the heatiness of the BBQ meat.

Seafood Pancake (Hae Mool Jeon) S$16

I love to eat Korean seafood pancake and unfortunately it is not easy to find one which is extremely nice. Please leave me comments if you know of delicious ones. Auntie Kim's version was crispy at the edges therefore I only enjoyed the parts at the edges. The parts in the middle were soggy and the chilli dip was not delicious enough to save it.

Stir-fried Octopus with vegetables ( Nakji-Bokkeum) S$26

I was so thankful to Big Man for ordering this because I felt like I was in Korea. He wanted to try a dish something like this and he could not remember if it was squid or octopus. We had a rather serious discussion over the appearance of squid, octopus and cuttlefish. CWY said that octopus is the one with the big round head and squid is the longish head we find in markets.

When the dish was served, it looked like it belonged to some Korean Food Show dish whereby they are always cooking octopuses in a variety of ways. We started talking about if we are courageous enough to eat the live ones. I told them I really want to see someone eat a live one in front of me instead of always watching Youtube videos. None of us dare to eat hahahaha.

Although the dish looked huge and we were so full, we managed to finish it. The octopuses were fresh, chewy yet not tough. We requested it to be less spicy and it was really so.

Surprise dessert - Cold Cinnamon Soup 

This cinnamon soup was complimentary. It was refreshing because it was served cold. It had a strong taste of cinnamon and it was very sweet. It tasted like cinnamon cooked with brown sugar. I finished it because I read somewhere that cinnamon has a lot of health benefits and I trust the Koreans when it comes to health. It slows the aging process, fights allergies, protects the heart, prevents diabetes and the list goes on...

It is a nice touch to our Korean Feast. Thank you Big Man and CWY for your company! See you on Monday! And to my readers, please leave your comments if you know of Korean restaurants offering authentic and delicious Korean cuisine.

Address: 265 Upper Thomson Rd, 574392
Phone: 6452 2112

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