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How to cook anti-inflammatory porridge?

My sister is very much younger than me yet there are many times she is mothering me instead of the other way round. This entire week, she has been sick and down with high fever. When I was down and out, she would cheer me up with the latest stories, go  to my house with soups, walk my dog and even do some household chores while I snoozed away.

Shiberty Bakes

Today, I decided to go to her house and cheer her up with some Shiberty Bakes saga chit chat. I am on the side of Nicholas Luo because imagine his disappointment, sadness, disgust and helplessness when the lopsided cake was delivered to his 90 year-old Ah Ma birthday celebration. No amount of explanation could make up for the lopsided 3 tier cake although I can understand how it happened. There was also no attempt to not only refund, but something in additional, like another complimentary smaller cake? Throughout the screenshots of their whatsapp exchange, I too, do not sense any sincerity in any of their responses other than explanation upon explanation. Sincerity is very abstract. It could only be felt by the heart.

Bottom line - We had a good time talking about this Shiberty Bakes saga.

Of course, my real mission is not just to talk but also to cook porridge for her dinner. It is a very simple dish. I often cook this dish for myself whenever I am sick.

Salmon Broccoli Porridge

As she has been battling a viral fever, I have to choose ingredients which would boost her immune system. I chose Salmon because it contains anti-inflammatory Omega 3. Supposedly only wild Alaskan salmon would do the trick but I just took two packets of salmon from the supermarket. Well, it is the thought that counts isn't it? Hee Hee.

It is important to choose salmon which comes in a flat and almost looking like a triangle. Whenever you go NTUC, there will be two shapes. One is the better looking one which looks like a wave. I usually avoid this because it has many bones. I prefer the ugly almost triangular shaped one as it has no bones and usually softer when cooked.

I also chose Broccoli because it contains antioxidants which has anti-inflammatory effects and helps the body to get rid of toxins. When broken down, it would give the porridge a nice flavour to balance the salmon taste.

How to prepare Salmon?

I usually give all my fish a salt bath, believing that this step would remove any fishy smell. I also remove the skin from the salmon. I lay the fish flat on the board and use a knife to slice the flesh away from the skin. Once it is halfway done, I started pulling the skin from the flesh - faster. 

How to prepare Broccoli?

I always give my Broccoli a boiling hot bath before any cooking. I know that this would destroy some of the nutrients but after hearing from my friend that her broccoli has worms hiding within, I am not taking any risks. Broccoli has this outer layer of skin which could be quite tough so I would remove it with a knife.

How to prepare the rice?

I washed the rice until the water is clear and I used 5 to 6 times the amount of water that I normally would use for cooking rice. I always use the rice cooker porridge function in order to get a smooth texture.

Let's start cooking!

This is a very simple dish. I just placed the meat and broccoli into the rice cooker with the rice and water. To get an even smoother texture, it was time to start stirring once the rice has been cooked. Ideally, a small amount of ginger would go very well with the dish but alas, my sister's ginger in the fridge looked like you would lao sai after eating it so I dropped the idea.

Finally, for anti-inflammatory dish, I always choose salt over soya sauce because salt is able to cure infections. (Avoid salt if the person is having high blood pressure)

The best reward was a casual remark made by my sister - Yums, somehow when a person is sick, she would have no appetite for outside food yet able to swallow home-cooked food...


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