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How to prepare your own Kaya Butter Toast set?

Early in the morning, I really missed Kaya Butter Toast set with eggs and Kopi so I decided to make my own. I will be sharing with you which brand of Kopi is most similar to Kopitiam Kopi, how to toast crispy bread and prepare soft boil eggs.

Kaya Butter Toast Set with eggs and coffee

Kaya Butter Toast

The key is in the way the bread is being toasted, the brand of butter and the timing which the butter is placed onto the bread.

I toasted the bread using a toaster oven and put a small amount of SCS salted butter on the oven dish. This would make the white bread have a slight buttery fragrance and also not stick to the dish. 

An uncle of a friend once taught me how to make crispy garlic bread. He loves cooking. He said that many people make the mistake of applying the garlic spread on the bread and toast it. The bread would never crisp and remain soft.  The trick is to toast the bread first, then apply the spread, and toast the bread again. I would always remember the warmth and kindness he and his family always bring to others.

Ever since, I have been using these simple steps in preparing my toasted bread with Kaya jam too. I toasted the bread using 220 deg for 6 mins on both sides. By then, it would have turned golden brown. I cut off the  bread "skin" for presentation, otherwise, the skin tastes alright. I waited for the toasted bread to cool down before applying the Kaya jam and finally the butter. If the bread is still warm, the butter would melt and the texture would not be similar to those sold at cafes.

Once done, the crispy bread tasted  delicious with the aroma of Kaya jam and yummy butter. I used SCS brand because it best resembles the taste at shops like Ya Kun.

Soft Boiled Egg

Soft Boiled Egg is very challenging to prepare though it looks like a very simple dish. Ya Kun is the best to me. My version of course would not look as good as Ya Kun's but at least it looks like a soft boiled egg. 

The key is exact specifications. 

Specifications: I used eggs straight from the refrigerator and aluminium pot. Even the size of egg will affect the waiting time.

I boiled the water until I saw bubbles bubbling. After switching off the stove, I lowered the egg with a spoon into the water. If you just drop the egg in, it would most probably crack. The water must cover the entire egg. Immediately, I covered the pot with a lid and waited for 5 minutes. I took the egg out and put it in cold water for a while. This is supposedly done to prevent the egg white from sticking onto the shell too much. Honestly, I don't know how true this is. I then took the egg and placed it in the hot water for another 1 min. 

When I was cracking the egg, I made sure that it was a hard knock against the bowl or whatever. This would increase the chance of the entire egg yolk landing onto the bowl perfectly. If there is no transparency and the egg yolk is intact, you have succeeded.

In the market, there are some containers specially designed to cook soft boil eggs if you don't want to go through the heartbreak of undercooked or overcooked eggs.


After trying countless brands, I discovered that Ah Huat Kopi Kosong, when mixed with condensed milk, best resembles Kopitiam Kopi. The coffee is strong enough and with my own condensed milk, I can control the level of sweetness to perfection.

It is so enjoyable to sip Kopi, eat buttery Kaya Toast with soft boiled eggs mixed with soya sauce and pepper at home.

Thank you for reading my humble post. Please leave your comments if you have an easy way of cooking soft boiled eggs!

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