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Colony Buffet at The Ritz-Carlton - grilled lobsters, fresh oysters & many more

Dining at Colony was a magical experience. The entire place oozed of romance. If you are a sucker for ambience, lobsters and oysters, look no further. The food stations were located in different sections and it created the element of surprise as I ventured from one to another.

Hot Grilled Lobsters - Dish of the Day

Perfectly Cooked Lobsters

I adore lobsters and to me, they are the pinnacle of seafood. It is also very expensive to order ala carte in other restaurants. I do not know of any other buffets which offer HOT lobsters. They are mostly chilled. Colony lobsters were perfectly cooked. The flesh was still chewy and not dry and tough. The buttery cheese went so well with the sweetness of the lobster. Thumbs up! Unfortunately, I could only eat 4 half pieces as my stomach is not as big as the universe.

Chilled Seafood Station

The seafood station was elegantly set up. One thing I appreciate about Colony is that they pay attention to details such as the setting up of stations to make the food more appetising and oozing with a touch of class. Before I even ate the seafood, I was already wowed by the different types of oysters. The prawns were sweet and fresh.

France and Canadian Oysters

Ireland Oysters

Oysters from France

All the oysters have different tastes!

The oysters in the picture appeared reddish because my favourite sauce is red wine vinaigrette with lemon juice. I enjoyed the Canadian oyster most of all because it was plump, juicy and creamy. The only blemish to my oysters paradise was that one of them contained a few grains of sand. Other than that, they were perfect!

Japanese Station - Sashimi

The sashimi were fresh but I found that the selection was limited for the price charged. I was hoping to see Mekajiki, Octopus or even prawns?  I was also hoping to see Cha Soba. Compared to the salmon sashimi in Carousel, (Click here for the blog post), I preferred Carousel for its sweetness and variety. Carousel quality is very high so Colony version is good, just not as good. Then again, Carousel definitely loses out in terms of ambience.

Assortment of Sushi

A variety of sushi

Western Food Stations

I did not try all the western food as there is limited space in my puny stomach hee hee. After eating lobsters, oysters, sashimi, sushis, I was already quite full. I took some photos for you in case you are interested to dine in Colony.

A variety of bread with butter
Assortment of ham beautifully arranged
Assortment of cheese elegantly displayed
Live Pasta Station 
Copious amount of vegetables for the salad lovers

Roasted Beef
I tried the roasted beef with red wine sauce. The beef was not tough but somehow, a little dry despite dousing it with red wine sauce.

Salmon Brioche

Popiah and Kueh Pie Tee Station

Freshly made on the spot by the chef on dury
I tried the popiah and Kueh Pie Tee around 9pm. The only miss was that the Kueh Pie Tee cup was not very crispy. It was slightly Lao Hong.

Indian Cuisine

Although the Indian Cuisine looked appetising and interesting, I did not try it because when I approached the station, I was always hesitating and thinking of the possibility of eating another lobster instead of Tandoori Chicken.

Live Station - Chinese Roast 

Live Station - Noodles

The Laksa from the Noodles station is a must try. It was the most delicious laksa I have ever tasted from Hotel Buffets. If you have tasted better from such buffets, leave your comments! The gravy was "coconuty" yet not "jelaty". It definitely had ommph that would make you go wow. I thought it could easily masquerade as Katong Laksa.

Chinese Cuisine

Chilli Crabs

My serving of enormous crab claw
This was the first time I saw hotel buffets serving such HUGE crab claws. For this reason alone, this is a must try! The flesh did not stick to the shell and it was pretty fresh. The only drawback was  that the chilli crab sauce was lacking in power. It was slightly off balance on the sweet side.

Braised Pig Trotters
I am a sucker for pig's melt in the mouth skin for I believe that they make you young forever because of the collagen. I avoided the fat lurking underneath the skin. Nicely braised and sufficiently soft.

Chilli Prawns
Assam Fish
Prawn Paste Chicken
Broccoli with Mock Abalone
You can give the Broccoli and Prawn Paste Chicken a miss. Any time, a decent Zi Char stall can beat these hands down. I love mock abalone but this version was completely bland and the prawn paste chicken skin was not crispy at all.

Dim Sum Station

Glutinous leaf rice, Dumplings, Golden Custard Bun and the usuals

The dim sum station was tucked at a quiet corner beside the Noodles station. I tried the Liu Sha Bao (Golden Custard Bun) and it was very good! The Sha really Liu out! The bun was hot with hot custard overflowing. Must try!


Kueh Kueh for Kueh Lovers
Kueh Lapis and more Kueh
S'more is this marshmallow thingy
Ice Cream Station
The ice cream is a must try because of the unique flavours available. I tried the black sesame and gula melaka. The black sesame was jam packed with flavours and the gula melaka was surprisingly light on the palate. The texture of the ice cream was extremely smooth.

Interesting and refreshing drinks
I adore the decor and the feel of the place. I did not add any filters to the pictures because I want you to experience the dimly lit yet extremely classy feel.

Awesome Ambience

With a touch of class

Cosy and Unique Booth Seats
Colony stood out from the rest with its endless hot buttery lobsters, different types of fresh oysters, fresh sashimi, local delicacies that could rival the hawker stalls, huge variety of delicate desserts and impeccable ambience. The dimly lit dining area with unique photo frames as its main focal point, made me feel like a little girl on an amazing discovery.

I would definitely be back whenever I crave for endless supply of grilled lobsters and trying different types of oysters.

S$92 ++ per pax (15% off with HSBC credit card)

Address: 7 Raffles Avenue, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, 039799
Phone: 6434 5288
Hours: 6:30–10:30AM, 12–2:30PM, 3:30–5:30PM, 6:30–10:30PM

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