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Lok Kee - 50% off for 2 pax with Amex Platinum

Lok Kee is the most interesting Chinese restaurant that I have ever been to. It serves dishes that try to be funny and yet delicious! I am very surprised that it is from Tunglok because I am always under the impression that Tunglok serves very traditional Chinese cuisine. If you own the American Express PLATINUM card,  it is 50% discount for TWO PAX and 35% discount for THREE PAX. (no longer available)

Firecracker Chicken Nest S$26

Deep-fried diced chicken served with chopped dried chillies and mango purée

Look at that amazing "Egg Yolk"
Tonight was a very special night for me because I was meeting my sec sch mates and JC mates to support another fellow mate because she has just won the prestigious award in Sundance and Rotterdam with Pop Aye. I have not met Kirsten in years and we were all excited. Nostalgic. Extremely fond memories of  sleep over parties and the huge fun we had. In a flash, we are responsible adults.

Prior to watching Pop Aye, Ms Q suggested eating at Lok Kee in Plaza Singapura because of its proximity and of the Amex huge discount. Therefore, I had absolutely no idea what it served. I even thought of chicken rice since it sounded like Loy Kee. It turned out to be a brilliant suggestion since the dishes were creative and we were going to watch a featured film after dinner.

The Firecracker Chicken Nest was awesome! I enjoyed the cashews, crispy shallots, well seasoned chicken and I was expecting to mix the egg yolk with the dish. 

When I ate the egg yolk, I exclaimed, "Oh gosh! It is not egg yolk!" 

The Mango that does not look like mango

The mango puree tasted very sweet in a nice way as it was packed with the goodness of mango flavour. I could poke through the transparent outer covering and let the mango puree ooze out.
Look at the whitish part! Realistic!
The only puzzling fact was that I could not figure out why it was there with the dish. When I mixed the mango with the chicken, I did not find mango with chicken that exciting. I know of people who are fans of mango chicken though. As the mango puree was yummy, I put it aside and saved it for my dessert.

Mushu Pork S$24

Premium kurobuta pork stir-fried with black fungus, button mushrooms, Taiwanese bamboo shoots and zucchini

Great flavours and textures
I took several large scoops of this dish as the black fungus provided the necessary crunch to the succulent and well seasoned premium pork. The pork melted in my mouth. I could also taste delicious scrambled eggs in this dish. All the elements went very well with one another and also at the same time, gave me a very homely feel.

Chilli Crab Cakes S$16

Ideal for starters
We also enjoyed the Chilli Crab Cakes. This was the first time I ever tried such a dish. Like a little child unwrapping her present, I cut open the crab cake, revealing strands and strands of crab flesh, cooked in chilli crab sauce.

Crispy and finger-licking good
The chilli crab sauce was not too spicy for my palate and it was very similar to the chilli crab sauce that I have eaten in seafood restaurants.

Shredded Crispy Duck with Thin Flour Skins S$18

Shredded Deep fried Duck Confit served with thin flour skin wraps

Reminds me of Peking Duck
The dish tasted great with fresh onions, sauce, cucumbers and crispy duck. The wrap was also not thick and doughy. It went well with all the ingredients.

The fun is in the assembling and wrapping!
Although the dish was delicious, I still preferred the traditional Peking Duck in other restaurants. I am not sure why the concept of duck confit. Healthier?

Chilli sauce is a must try!
Remember to put some chilli sauce in your Crispy Duck wrap. It is salty, sweet and spicy at the same time! Thumbs up!

"Condoms" for precaution
So cheeky of them to place condoms on the dining table, especially in a Chinese restaurant. Imagine your older folks gasping in shock and thereafter, either disgust or a good laugh.

If you peered at the packaging, you will know that it was just a wet tissue. The idea signals to customers that Lok Kee does everything with a twist and don't take things too seriously. Have fun.

Wait till you see what is next.

Fortune Cookies!
The fortune cookies are complimentary - a very nice touch to a wonderful evening. My slip of paper was "Time to start something new."

Busy taking pics!
They were taking pictures of the Awesome Flaming Pineapple Beef. I would definitely be back to try this dish and many other dishes with a twist. Who can resist delicious, innovative dishes and huge discounts for Amex Platinum card holders?

Two Seaters
More two seaters
Private dining room
Beautiful entrance
Located in: Plaza Singapura
Address: 68 Orchard Road, #03-01, Plaza Singapura, Plaza Singapura, 238839
Hours: 11AM–3PM, 5:30–10PM
Phone: 6884 4566


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