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Châteraisé Cafe from Japan in Toa Payoh - Is it as good as what The Other Bloggers said?

Châteraisé is a patisserie with 460 stores opened in Japan. It is famous for using fresh ingredients from Japan such as Hokkaido cream, freshly squeezed milk from the foothills of the Yatsugatake Mountains, renowned Hakushu water from the Southern Alps, chestnuts from Aoki farm and eggs from Yamanashi.

The popular patisserie opened its first store in Isetan Jurong East on 1st April 2015 and since then, it has opened more than 12 outlets in Singapore. Châteraisé  in Toa Payoh was officially opened on 23 March 2017, with a small seating area for customers to enjoy their cakes.

Hokkaido Milk Latte S$5 

Double Fantasy S$1.90 

Cute Bear S$4.90


I was instantly attracted to the Cute Bear. When I asked the staff what cakes they were famous for, she told me to try their signature cake - Legendary Fresh Cream Cake. I also ordered Double Fantasy which is a double cream puff because when I went Tokyo, the cream puffs were so heavenly that I ate one almost everyday. The cream puff would be the acid test if the patisserie truly lived up to what it is famous for. I was not impressed with the Hokkaido Milk Latte. It tasted like a normal latte.

My favourite is the Cute Bear, not for its taste, but for its looks. It is so kawaii! I felt very sad when I had to cut its cute face into half.

Interesting layers 

In terms of flavours, it is a delicious cake - not too sweet and just nice for my palette. I could taste chocolate and fresh cream. I could also taste some awesome crunchy bits.

Legendary Fresh Cream Cake S$5.10

Layers of fresh cream, strawberry jam and cake

The Legendary Fresh Cream Cake was also delicious. It tasted light and fresh. It was not so delicious that I would go out of my way to eat it. The strawberries were sour.

Layers of fresh cream, strawberry jam and cake

Double Fantasy Cream Choux S$1.90

Double Cream Puff

I have yet to find any cream puffs that could transport me back to the time when I was in Tokyo during Winter, enjoying every moment of the extremely delicious cream. Double Fantasy was yummy but it was nowhere near because the cream was not as light. It was milky.

Cheese Baked Tarts S$3 each

Hazelnut Latte S$6

Cheese Baked Tarts

Among all the pastries and cakes I bought, taste wise, the Cheese Baked Tart, was my favourite. It was as delicious as other famous Cheese Tarts but it was not served warm. I was very disappointed. Because it was not warm, it was not as soft as it should be.

The Hazelnut Latte is a Must Try! Although it was served hot, it had a cold cream on top of the drink. It was a pleasant surprise and the latte was extremely smooth.

Cheesy and Sweet - Yums

Overall, the food was delicious, just not delicious enough to be legendary. For its taste and beautiful designs, the prices are very reasonable. I am sure they will delight your guests during tea parties or a wonderful gift to your hosts.

I have taken some photographs of the outlet at Toa Payoh so that you can decide if it is worthwhile to travel there.

I will definitely patronise again if I am in the vicinity. I will order the Hazelnut Latte and try the other beautiful cakes.

* I packed some leftover Cute Bear and Legendary Fresh Cream Cake home. They tasted much more delicious because they were very chilled. The cold fresh cream tasted heavenly.   

Chateraise Toa Payoh HDB Hub
BLK 490 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 #01-15,Singapore
Daily : 9:00am - 9:30pm

Facebook Page:

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