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McDonald's 'Nasi Lemak' Burger with Chendol McFlurry, Bandung McFizz a MUST TRY!

McDonald has launched its Just for You, Singapore menu, inspired by local flavours, to celebrate the upcoming National Day! The menu will only be available for a limited time from Thursday, 13 July which is today! Right after work, I rushed to Bugis Junction and tried 'Nasi Lemak' Burger, Chendol McFlurry and Bandung McFizz. 

Menu inspired by local flavours

'Nasi Lemak' Burger Extra Value Meal with Bandung McFizz and Criss Cut Fries
S$7.90 + S$1.40  

When I took a bite of the burger, I was extremely surprised that it really reminded me of a delicious mouthful of Nasi Lemak. How was that possible? Where to get the coconut flavour? The delicious coconut flavoured chicken thigh!

Wet and Juicy Burger

The meat patty was crispy and had a delicious turmeric seasoning which went soooooooo well with the sambal chilli. The level of sambal spice power was moderate so I feel that it is suitable for most adults. The taste of the sambal chili was legit!

Delicious crispy turmeric chicken thigh patty

The JUICY chicken thigh patty was coated with cornflake crunch. The crunchy cucumbers were very fresh and tasted delicious with the sambal chilli and caramelised onions. Of course, a fried egg to complete the "dish"! The toasted roll was also soft and delicious.

It is definitely worth the money to top up S$1.40 to try the Criss Cut Fries and Bandung McFizz. The Criss Cut Fries were delicious. The Bandung McFizz tasted refreshing and reminded me of rose syrup mixed with Sprite.

Chendol McFlurry S$3.00

It really tasted like Chendol!

The Chendol McFlurry was as surprising as the 'Nasi Lemak' burger. It really reminded me of Chendol. I could taste the fragrance of the coconut cream, a hint of Gula Melaka and the Chendol green jelly bits. I suggest that you share this as coconut flavoured ice cream can be overwhelming after a while. 

I enjoyed my Just for You Singapore menu very much. This menu is only available for a limited time. Go try it!

*Oh gosh, McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger is all over my Facebook feed when I woke up this morning. Some say nice; some say so so... Stomp just reported snaking queues and people waiting 1 hour! To help you to decide if you should try, read the following...

Is it delicious? Yes
Is it innovative as a burger? Yes
Is it more delicious than your usual Nasi Lemak? Of course no lah!
For people who like their Sambal chilli very spicy, would you like this? No
Should you buy to try it if there is no queue? Yes
If there is a long queue, should you join? Is it worth waiting 1 hour? Of course no lah!

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Bugis Junction 

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