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Siloso Beach Resort - Soak your body in Siloso's natural Spring Water Swimming Pool!

Siloso Beach Resort is a rustic Eco resort that will not burn a big hole in your pocket for a staycation. It is one of the cheaper accommodations in Sentosa and it is a stone's throw from the beach. One special feature not known to many, is their spring water swimming pool and spa which boost of healing properties for your body.

Spring Water Pool

Spring Water Pool

This is the best swimming pool I have ever swum in. The pool uses natural spring water and because of the absence of chlorine, my hair felt smooth and so was my skin. Salt treatment of the water is used instead of chlorine. After swimming in it, I felt so relaxed. They also have rubber tubings as floats for the guests. The pool is lined with swings and recliner chairs.

Slide for some fun
Kids were happily playing on the water slide. The shape of the pool reminded me of a river in an amazon. 
Waterfall to create the feel of nature


Double Room
The room was clean. The view from the room was good as it faced the sea. The entire resort had a lot of greenery.


Buffet Breakfast 

Fresh Bread

Eggs Station

Fishball Noodle Soup

Delicious Chipolata Sausages
The buffet breakfast was satisfying because it served a variety of food. Other than western breakfast items and fishball noodles, there were also dim sums such as Lo Mai Kei. The croissants were excellent because of their buttery fragrance.

Overall, I had an enjoyable time at Siloso Beach Resort for a staycation. I felt very relaxed and the pool is still a huge pull factor.

Address: 51 Imbiah Walk, Sentosa, 099538
Phone: 6722 3333

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