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How to cook Paper Wrapped Steamed Herbal Black Chicken?

Tired after work and still doing work, I was thinking what nutritious food to cook and it had to be relatively easy to cook. There was a black chicken in the fridge and I decided to try Paper Wrapped Herbal Chicken. I was quite pleased with the results as the paper sealed the flavours and the chicken meat was infused with the aroma of the herbs. especially when I unwrapped it.

Why do Chinese eat Black Chicken? "According to Chinese medicine, the black Silkie chicken can help to warm the body and strengthen the immune system. The chicken is believed to be especially helpful for women." Medicaldaily

For this easy recipe, I have included a video, pictures with captions and a printable recipe card.

Paper Wrapped Steamed Herbal Black Chicken

Place the herbs and chicken on baking paper in a bowl.

Wrap the chicken with another baking paper.

Steam it for 45 minutes using Happy Call.

Rest the handle of the lid on the table. No spilling of water.

Grate some ginger.

Mix grated ginger, light soya sauce and sesame oil with the Japanese Cucumber

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Paper Wrapped Steamed Herbal Black Chicken 


  • 1 Black Chicken
  • 3 Dang Shen
  • Est 10g Yu Zhu
  • Est 10g Wolfberries
  • 2 Red Dates (Seeds removed)
  • 1 small piece Ginger
  • 1 Japanese Cucumber
  • 2 tablespoons Lee Kum Kee Superior Light Soya Sauce
  • 2 teaspoons Sesame Oil

1. Cut 2 pieces of square shaped baking paper.
2. Place herbs and chicken on baking paper in a bowl.
3. Wrap herbs and chicken with baking paper.
4. Fill Happy Call with water.
5. Bring it to boil.
6. Place bowl with wrapped herbs and chicken in steamer.
7. Steam for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
8. Grate some ginger.
9. Cut the chilled Japanese Cucumber into thin slices.
10. Mix the grated ginger with soya sauce and sesame oil.
11. Add water to the mixture.
12. Soak the cucumber in the mixture.
13. Place the cucumbers in the refrigerator.
14. Serve chilled.

Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 2

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