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Ice Edge Cafe at Kovan - 1-for-1 lunch deals so delicious you will go back for more!

Ice Edge Cafe is located at 2 Kovan Road, known for their delicious salads, pastas, pizzas and gelato. What always excites me is the cafe's 1-for-1 lunch promotion on weekdays. Sometimes, my colleagues and I will "cheong" there by 2.45pm to enjoy the lunch deal. Today, I was pleasantly surprised that the cafe has revamped its outlook, adding chandeliers and booth seats. Nice!

1-for-1 Weekday Lunch Deal

Japanese Bonito Prawn Salad 

1-for-1, S$12.80

Mixed salad, Japanese seasoning, prawns and crispy wakame

Wakame refers to seaweed. I loved this salad very much. It was extremely fresh; the bonito seasoning had just the right touch; it was crunchy. Absolutely beautiful especially since it is available for the 1-for-1 lunch deal.

Honey Mustard Salmon Salad, S$12.80

Mixed salad, grilled salmon, honey mustard dressing, tomato salsa
I ordered this by mistake because we only had 10 minutes to order before the last order ends at 2.45pm. In my haste, I thought that this was part of the 1-for-1 deal but it was not. *Refer to the online menu for their delicious food available for 1-for-1. Guess what? NO REGRETS! When the salad was being served, it went past my nose and I caught a wonderful aroma of grilled salmon. A good appetite starts with your scent. I was already salivating when I saw how appealing it looked. It tasted as delicious as I had imagined. The salmon was perfectly cooked - juicy and soft. Would I order this again? I can't wait.

Chicken Nuggets, Thai Mayo Dip, S$8.80

Golden Chicken Nuggets
I am a Chicken Nuggets lover. Are you? I love it especially when it comes with an innovative dip. I ordered this partly because of the Thai Mayo Dip. If you like nuggets, you can consider ordering this as they were served hot, crunchy, juicy and the nuggets went well with the sour, sweet and slightly spicy dip.

Buffalo Wings 

1-for-1, S$9.80

Deep fried chicken wings, herbs and spices, buffalo sauce
The original Buffalo Wings were invented in Buffalo, New York. The wings were coated in a vinegar-based, cayenne pepper hot sauce. If you like spicy and sour wings, you can consider ordering this.

Vongole Pasta 

1-for-1, S$15.80

Clams, white wine, garlic, chili padi
This was the dish of the day for us! We loved it to bacon bits. We requested it to be non-spicy as I did not want any chili padi to overpower the flavours from the white wine. It was a good decision. The white wine sauce was excellent. The portion of clams was generous. They were juicy, had the right texture and were plump. The pasta was cooked to perfection, al-dente. Perfect choice for a 1-for-1 lunch deal.

Gelato Float, S$7.80

Gelato Float
For a refreshing drink to go with our yummy meal, we ordered the Gelato Float. We chose Cookies and Cream. The fact that I could choose the flavour of the Gelato makes it so much more exciting than the usual Root Beer Float.



Beautiful Cafe in Kovan
It was very conducive for a catch up. My sister and I ended up talking till evening. At around 3pm, it was still crowded. This shot was taken around 5plus in the evening. Ice Edge Cafe - a gem in Kovan! The service was excellent too.

Address: 2 Kovan Rise, Singapore 548008
Hours: 30AM–11:30PM
Phone: 6858 5729

Weekday Lunch 1-for-1 Promotion: 11.30am - 3pm (last order 2.45pm)

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