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Launch of ETL Food Lab in Chinatown - Serving wholesome food with NO MSG and Pesticide!

ETL Food Lab is a restaurant located in Chinatown, serving wholesome food with no MSG and pesticide. The restaurant is air-conditioned, tastefully decorated and displays artwork by Akinori Oishi. The kitchen helpers remove all pesticide using ETL No. 9 solution for washing vegetables.

When I received the invitation to their launch, I was very excited because I am very into wholesome food, super food and alternative therapies especially through changes in our diet. You can check out my blogposts in the Health segment.

ETL stands for ET (alien) and L stands for Light. The Chinese name is 外星食堂. The team behind ETL Food Lab is GTL World. It has a mission to promote clean eating (no-MSG & pesticide-free) in the community, akin to bringing light to the world. ETL Food Lab wants to encourage everyone that it is not necessary to add MSG in order to serve delicious food.

Big Beans Pork Rib Soup with Brown Rice
The Big Beans Pork Rib Soup with Brown Rice was a comfort to any tired soul after work. Sometimes, after a tiring day, you lose your appetite and crave for wholesome food. When I drank the soup that was infused with the flavours of beans and the sweetness of pork, I felt good. I enjoy eating soft rice so I felt that the brown rice could be softer. It was definitely cooked through. 

I also liked the fact that diners could dip the meat in the sauces provided. This dish is not available on their daily menu. Do call to check when they are having it on the menu.

Generous serving of beans
Beans should be good for women because my TCM Physician is always encouraging me to boil soup with beans. Check out the benefits of beans.

Herbal Chicken Soup S$13.80

Herbal Chicken Soup
The Herbal Chicken Soup is available on their daily menu for S$13.80. It reminds you of home but it was jam packed with natural flavours. The herbal taste was evident yet it was light. It also did not taste bitter. I also like it that the soup had lotus seeds in them. Check out the health benefits. ETL Food Lab sells their food with NO Pesticide, how tasty were the vegetables? Have you ever tasted bitter vegetables or vegetables with a strong chemical smell usually from Cai Fan stores? ETL Food Lab vegetables had no bitter taste or chemical smell. It tasted fresh and looked fresh.

I also took a video of the launch. The video contains demonstrations on how you can wash your vegetables with ETL No. 9 solution. It also has a sing along session which was rather heart warming to see many elder folks that active and happy.

Available for home use at S$51 with an additional spray bottle

ETL No. 9 is made in Taiwan - R&D by Institute of Environmental Science & Technology, Taiwan Development Institute. Check out the details. The motivation is that whilst the best way to go pesticide free is to eat organic food but it is too expensive and therefore not sustainable for the common folks.

ETL Food Lab restaurant is really cosy. I have taken some photographs despite the crowd.

Cute Artwork by Akinori Oishi
Vegetables washed with ETL No. 9 solution to remove pesticide
Tasteful decor
Inviting environment
Open Kitchen
Healthy and nutritious
Menu for the day
ETL Food Lab also serves Niang Dou Fu, Herbal Big Prawn Hand-made noodles, Herbal Slice Fish Soup and Herbal Forest Soup, a vegetarian option.

Wholesome drinks
For S$8.50, ETL Food Lab serves drinks with organic Acai.  Acai berries containing a high level of anti-oxidants, are good for fighting free radicals in the body. Recently, Acai is very popular. Have you heard of Acai bowls?

ETL Food Lab
ETL Food Lab is perfect for diners looking for wholesome tasting food. For food updates, remember to follow my Instagram and Facebook Page. Share this post with a friend who is into healthy living.

Blk 531 Upper Cross Street #02-55 Hong Lim Complex
Singapore 050531
Hours 10:00AM - 10:00PM

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