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Mum's Cooking is the Best!

I have been pondering when to post this post which I had in mind for a long time. I think it is time.

Mum's Cooking is the best!
My late mum has passed on for close to 2 years and I really missed her cooking. It is very ordinary home-cooked food and I never really appreciate it then as compared to now. I was always amazed why she would be able to prepare that much food at such a short notice. One day, I asked my sis and she said that my mum always bought a lot of food in the fridge just in case I call on the day itself and told her that I would drop by for dinner. Two years seemed like yesterday. Did time fly or was it just me who had stood still and refused to let go?

Two years before she passed on, she fell sick. We fought a good fight of faith as a family. Because she told me that she somehow was able to have appetite for my cooking, I only shopped at Cold Storage after work for organic ingredients such as Shitake mushrooms, tomatoes and sweet potatoes. I used no salt at all and infused natural flavours into the cooking. Her blood pressure returned to normal levels. In return, she promised me that she would be brave and indeed, she won the fight beautifully. She recovered gloriously and we even went to Gardens by the Bay as a foursome to celebrate her recovery.

Shortly after her recovery, she told me that everything would be fine as long as the family stays together.

Two years on, she passed away suddenly just shortly after I left her house and told her that I could fetch my sister on my own and that she should stay home and rest. Little did I know that that was the last time I heard her say Bye Bye at the gate.

When I received the shocking news, those phrases that one read in horror stories were true. My hairs were raised and I felt chills running down my spine as I rushed home with my sister. The only thought that I had for a long time was, "How could you go when I have not even told you that I love you?" I could not imagine her leaving the world without hearing it from me.

Since then, I told myself that if there were words unsaid, better say it before it is too late. Every birthday or new year greeting, instead of a generic video or picture, I would take the opportunity to tell the people I care about how grateful I was and how much they meant to me.

Life is fragile.
If you are angry with your loved one, try not to be angry for too long. 
If you are into someone, tell that person you care. 
If you want to forgive, do so without hesitation.

I have written about food a great deal. I chose food because food bonds people together. Each picture represents the wonderful times spent. But nothing beats...

Home-cooked food 

A toast to all mums.

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