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Ramen Gallery Takumen - Extremely delicious Ramen Egg, Meat that melts in your mouth, Perfectly cooked Ramen!

Ramen Gallery Takumen is the most interesting ramen place I have ever come across. What is so special? RGT brings in different types of ramen dishes from Japan with the permission from the award winning owners. It then conducts tasting parties to adapt to our Singaporeans' palette. The spirit of wanting to provide good quality ramen is truly commendable. Click on their website to find out more. 
Today, I am going to talk about Do . Miso and Ramen Hajime from Tokyo which has won Tokyo Ramen of the Year several times.

Do . Miso Ramen

Rich Broth
Do Miso, straight from the streets of Tokyo, has received raved reviews for its creativity of the miso ramen. What is creative about this bowl of ramen is in its broth. It had an unique taste, slightly spicy, very rich and intense.

Beautiful presentation

The two slices of pork were amazingly delicious - extremely tender and juicy. It was yummy and therefore, you will wonder why you only have 2 thin slices. I also especially enjoyed the generous portion of crunchy bean sprouts and corn.

Nominated as one of the best ramens in Japan

The quality of the ramen was top-notch. What is interesting to note in the picture is that the noodles are flat, giving an interesting texture apart from the usual ramen. It had a chewy bite.

Very Shiok Ramen Egg!

Extremely delicious ramen egg
The ramen egg was spot on - soft yolk and extremely tasty. I was impressed because even the egg white was very soft. If you want to learn how to cook your own ramen egg at home, click here to check out my easy recipe.

Dish of the Day - Hajime Ramen

Hajime ramen was cooked in a chicken broth. The sweetness of the chicken was evident as the broth was patiently boiled with chicken parts. No wonder it has won Tokyo Ramen of the Year several times.

Hajime - Ramen in Chicken Broth

Hajime ramen was my favourite out of the two because I especially enjoyed the combination of the broth, chewy ramen, chicken and ramen egg in the huge spoon provided. Every mouthful was pure bliss. 

Hajime - Ramen in Chicken broth
The ramen egg was just as spot on as the one in Do Miso. I am not a chicken breast eater but this chicken breast was the most tender I have ever come across. I could eat this over thigh anytime. Again because the meat was so delicious, one always wished for more than 2 slices. I loved the chicken broth.

Delicious ramen and chicken
The flat ramen was delicious because it was perfectly cooked - not soggy and it still retained a chewy bite. I feel that the portion of ramen was too much for ladies in general. It would have been perfect if we have the option to choose Small, Medium, Large. I also wish for crunchy corn to be added. 

Comfortable Air-conditioned environment
Authentic Ramen!
Ramen Gallery Takumen is a place whereby you can satisfy your cravings for good quality ramen from some of the Award-winning dishes in Japan!

66 Circular Road #01-01 Singapore 049420
Opening Hours
Mon - Thu 11:30 〜 15:00, 17:30 〜 22:00
Fri 11:30 〜 15:00, 17:30 〜 24:00
Sat,Sun 11:30 〜 15:00, 17:30 〜 21:00
*Sold out as soon as the end

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