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Frozen Tiramisu with Hot Coffee Rum - No Bake . Eggless . Yums . Easy .

I have some leftover Rhum from Mauritius and I have been itching to make Tiramisu. I had a good time in Mauritius. Click here to check out what I did in Mauritius. My friend had a lousy day and she expressed interest in making Tiramisu to cheer herself up. What a coincidence! I took all my ingredients and set off on my mission to make my Tiramisu and to have a cheery day. Indeed, it was a very cheery session  with relaxing music and we even crapped about setting up a Food Therapy for Souls sessions. 

I got the idea of having additional coffee and rum mixture from Gordon Ramsey's Maze in London. Scroll down for a printable Recipe Card.

Frozen No Bake Tiramisu

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  • All ingredients could be purchased from NTUC Finest and Cold Storage. To make Tiramisu, you need Lady Fingers. You will not be able to find them in the smaller supermarkets. 
  • I chose to freeze the Tiramisu because it is not easily available in cafes and it can be stored for a longer period of time. The texture of the cake was also interesting.
  • Do not over whip. It will turn grainy. 
  • Do not soak the Lady Fingers in the coffee and rum mixture for too long.
  • Are you confused over the meaning of Heavy Whipping Cream? Heavy means that it has at least a 35% fat. The heavier, the better it holds.

Printable Recipe Card available for your convenience

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Frozen Tiramisu

  • 350g Lady Fingers
  • 500g Mascarpone Cheese
  • 500ml Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 2 Cups Coffee
  • Rum or Whisky
  • 6 Tablespoons or more Icing Sugar
  • Sufficient Cocoa Powder to dust the top of Tiramisu
  • 2 Aluminium Trays measuring 21.5 X 11 X 5.5cm 
1. Add Heavy Whipping Cream to mixing bowl.2. Add 6 Tablespoons of Icing Sugar. Add more if you have a sweet tooth.3. Whisk Whipping Cream until it becomes firmer.4. Add Mascarpone Cheese a little at a time.5. Mix it thoroughly. 6. Prepare 2 cups of strong coffee at room temperature.7. Add sufficient rum to your liking. 8. Soak Lady Fingers for 2 seconds on each side.9. Lay the Lady Fingers on the aluminium trays to create the first layer.10. Place Mascarpone Cheese on the Lady Fingers to make the second layer.11. Lay Lady Fingers on the Mascarpone Cheese to make the third layer.12. Place Mascarpone Cheese on the Lady Fingers to create the final layer.13. Dust Cocoa Powder on the top layer.14. Cover the tray with cling wrap.15. Refrigerate or freeze for 4 hours.16. Before serving, dust another layer of Cocoa Powder.17. Prepare a small jar of hot strong coffee with rum by the side.18. For Frozen Tiramisu, allow to thaw for 10 minutes before cutting into slices.
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 12 pax - 2 trays

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