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Cafe Mosaic at Carlton Hotel - 1-for-1 Buffet 2018 for OCBC, UOB and DBS Card Members!

Cafe Mosaic at Carlton Hotel serves a good spread of food for a 1-for-1 deal when you pay with OCBC, DBS and UOB credit cards by 31st May 2018. The oysters were mind blowing. The black pepper crayfish had me coming for more. The roasted beef was also surprisingly tender. I really had a good time. What was laudable was also the warm and prompt service that the staff provided. She looked like she had been working there for years. She  was caring, attentive and hardworking. I am sorry, Auntie, I forgot to take down your name!

When the buffet concept first landed in Singapore, I was in college. People tried to pile as much as they could in order to make the most out of every penny. Over the years, some of us have evolved. Buffets are best enjoyed when you take a little of every delicious dish, leaving space for dessert. For example, if you really love the prawns, instead of eating 10, you take only 2. 

A Good Spread

Seafood Feast


Fresh Oysters
Huge Tip - The oyster bar is hidden from the main food stations. I had to check with the staff for the location and I was over the moon that I did. I was very pleasantly surprised to see an ice bed of unopened oysters. I was instructed to choose my OWN oysters. Shucks, I should have read up on how to identify yummy oysters based on their shells. After choosing my oysters, I handed my precious babies to the professional oyster opener who would open and wash it. At that moment, I was apprehensive because usually when they perform such stunts, they always fail to wash it thoroughly, leaving sand.

Mind Blowing Oysters
I was extremely pleased because the oysters were beautiful, washed thoroughly and it was OMG fresh! Plump, juicy, sweet, smooth, perfect for anyone craving for these aphrodisiacs. Time to improve your English! Click here for the meaning.

Crawfish, Scallops, Prawns, Mussels

Cafe Mosaic serves crawfish, scallops, mussels and prawns on a bed of ice. Huge Tip coming up! Before you go, you have to watch this video on how to peel crawfish. I didn't and ended up not liking crawfish. The prawns were very sweet and firm. The scallops and mussels tasted meh. "Meh" is a popular word in recent years to describe any experience that was not too bad and not too great. 

Click to watch how to peel crawfish.


The chefs did a good job with the salads. They were delicious and interesting. I loved the clams! They were fresh and went very well with the tangy dressing.

Local Delights

Black Pepper Crayfish

The Black Pepper Crayfish was the Dish of the Day for me. The sauce was very fragrant yet not overwhelming. I could still taste the sweetness of the crayfish. The meat was also cooked perfectly. This was the dish that I took more than my targeted 2. It ran out quickly but the kitchen also did its best to replenish the dish.

Mutton Briyani

Mutton Briyani
The Mutton Briyani was filled with so much goodness. The mutton was cooked until it was so tender that the meat could be pulled apart very easily. The curry was very aromatic and went very well with the rice and crackers. Great!

Crackers and Chilli

Steamed Fish

Steamed Fish in Chinese Style

Seafood Omelette

Seafood Omelette
The Seafood Omelette tasted like an awesome Fu Rong Dan. Yummy!



The Rojak is worth mentioning because many diners were busy toasting their You Tiaos and Tao Poks, making sure they were hot and crispy. 

Japanese Station

The pieces of salmon sashimi that I had taken were alright, not the freshest but it would satisfy your sashimi craving. The Tako sashimi was the star! It is difficult to find good tako sashimi in buffets. Cafe Mosaic's version was fresh and had the natural sweetness of Tako. Most importantly, the texture was just nice, not like rubber.

The colourful pieces of sushi looked very appetising and they tasted great. The standard was similar to Umi Sushi.

Live Station

Penang Prawn Noodles, 

Stir-fried Vegetables 

Roasted Beef

Penang Prawn Noodles
The Penang Prawn Noodles had a spicy kick to it. The broth was infused with the taste of prawns but it was not the type of robust flavour that you would be craving for in a bowl of Penang Prawn Noodles. Penang Place does it very well if you are into buffets which serves delicious Penang Prawn Noodles.

Stir-fried vegetables
This Choose your Own Vegetables station is such an ingenious idea! It was a hot favourite. After choosing my vegetables, I then passed it to the Teppanyaki chef who would fry it before my very eyes. Thumbs up!

The same station served roasted beef. The meat was pinkish in the center and tasted tender. Another thumbs up!

Cheese, Bread and Soup

A variety of cheese
I love my Bread and Cheese. I especially enjoyed the bread which had cranberries or raisins, I can't remember. Carousel still serves the best cheese.

Pork Ribs Soup, Clam Chowder Soup


Pulut Hitam and Almond Barley
Ice cream
The ice cream selection was another pleasant surprise. The Thai Ice Tea flavour was really good! It tasted like a legit Thai Ice Milk Tea! One thing that always baffles me was restaurants not serving chocolate ice cream.   

Another plus point was the variety of toppings available for the ice cream.

Ice Cream Toppings

Sir Thomas
Cafe Mosaic

Indoor Seating

Overall, I had a great time and I felt that the 1-for-1 deal is definitely worth it and you should try it.  I would definitely not pay S$88++ per pax for the ambience and spread. 

How much are you willing to fork out for Cafe Mosaic? The 1-for-1 DINNER deal is valid on weekdays and weekends for S$88++. Each pax is est S$44++.  Cafe Mosaic has resumed the 1-for-1 deal for those of you who are interested in celebrating the rest of the Chinese New Year period with a buffet feast!

Cafe Mosaic
Located in: Carlton Hotel Singapore
Address: 76 Bras Basah Road, Level 1, Carlton Hotel, 189558
Phone: 6311 8195


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