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Mauritius 2017 - Awesome Apartment

In Mauritius, I stayed in a 2 storey apartment that is close to the beach. which is great if you want to catch the sunset everyday. It has a swimming pool if you are up for a swim. The decor is great. The kitchen is well-stocked and well-equipped. It has a huge rooftop garden for chilling. It has nice little touches here and there, making it a lovely place to stay. Let me share with you what I did in the apartment.

Relax in the Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden

I enjoyed staring at the sky in the Rooftop Garden which looked like a scene from some Korean drama series especially at night when the fairy lights were up and glowing in the dark. 

Fairy Lights
View from the Rooftop Garden


It gets bright very early in Mauritius, as early as 6 a.m. By 10ish in the morning, the plants looked thirsty.  The soil looked dry. I tried to water them. Some of the edible plants are Basil, Tomato and Lemongrass. I ate some organic tomatoes which tasted rather nice. I watched it ripen over a few days.



Dining and Living area

Dining Room

From Bangkok?

Watch Telly

Living Room
There were endless shows to watch. I managed to catch Kingsman: The Golden Circle which was enjoyable but the Kingsman: The Secret Service was funnier. I caught a few episodes of This is Us, which has been nominated for many prestigious TV awards but it is not available on Netflix Singapore argggg... Another show Shameless (U.S.) is also very funny but only the original Shameless (U.K.) is available on Netflix SG.

Nice Clock

Lounge at the Balcony

One of Mauritians' hobbies is to make their own furniture. It sounds amazing to me. This table was put together by the owner.  It was quite relaxing to drink coffee at the balcony in the morning or relax in the evening when the sun was not blazing.

Nice table

Well-used candles
I learnt that it is important to create spaces in your house for different types of relaxation.


Queen Bed
The blinds were great because they kept the sunlight out. It was a really decent bedroom, with a queen bed.

View from Bedroom


Paintings at the stairway


Well-equipped kitchen
The kitchen had everything you need, from kettle to Nespresso and milk frother. There was a filtration system attached to the tap so that drinkable water was available at all times.

Filtered water



Kitchen Island

Cute Bird Hooks

Swimming Pool

The location is good as it is near the beach and restaurants. Have a good time in Mauritius!

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