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Ramen Gallery Takumen - Bib Gourmand Michelin Hokkaido 2017 Wabisuke Ramen! No MSG!

Ramen Gallery Takumen has just launched Miso Ramen from Wabisuke on 12 Feb 2018, which has won Bib Gourmand of Michelin Hokkaido in 2017. Ramen Gallery Takumen brings in award winning creations from Japan through collaborations with the owners.  Wabisuke has been featured in various food websites in Sapporo. Now, it has arrived in Singapore! Have you tried the newly launched Wabisuke Ramen?

Spicy Miso Wabisuke Ramen

Spicy Miso Wabisuke Ramen

The Spicy Miso Ramen comes with tasty Ramen eggs with soft yolks and two slices of delicious pork. The Miso broth is prepared without MSG and yet it retained that rich flavour. What is Miso? Miso means "fermented beans" in Japanese. According to bbcgoodfood,  Miso is a good source of vitamins and has beneficial bacterial for the gut.

Spicy Miso Wabisuke Ramen

The Spicy Miso Ramen is suitable for you if you relish eating Ramen in a very rich broth, seasoned with the blob of spicy miso on the noodles. I suggest you don't mix the entire red spicy miso paste into the broth. Try a little and see if you want more. I would go for the...

Miso Wabisuke Ramen

Miso Wabisuke Ramen

If I were to be walking along a street in Sapporo during Winter and I stumbled upon this bowl of ramen cooked in a rich, salty miso broth, with beautiful eggs and delicious pork, I would be absolutely satisfied. 

Perfectly cooked eggs
In Singapore, there are many Ramen restaurants and the competition is very stiff. As Ramen Gallery Takumen is located in Circular Road, it is still relatively convenient for you to try out the creations that they are bringing in from Japan.

Delicious pork


Though delicious, I was unable to finish the entire bowl of ramen on my own. I wish that bean sprouts and corn will be added to provide that extra crunch and to balance the heaviness of the broth. The Miso Ramen reminds me of the one that I have tried at Ippudo.  Ramen ardent fans, go try it!

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Winner of Bib Gourmand Michelin Hokkaido 2017

Ramen Gallery Takumen
Address: 049420, 66 Circular Rd
Hours: Closes 10PM
Phone: 6536 4875

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