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Axis Bar & Lounge @ Mandarin Oriental - Experience Afternoon Tea with a Stunning View!

Axis exudes class and it has a contemporary feel with a stunning view of Singapore's skyline. The sandwiches, scones and desserts served also had a touch of beauty. If you are looking for a place whereby you can relax, be contented while appreciating Singapore, enjoy some good tea and light bites, Axis is an excellent choice.

The moment I stepped into Mandarin Oriental, the dim lighting and expensive wood decor put me at ease. I was already looking forward to my afternoon tea. 

Axis Bar and Lounge Afternoon Tea

3 - 5 p.m.

S$80 for 2 pax

Pretty Sweets!

Relax and enjoy the view!
Axis serves a good selection of TWG tea. For coffee drinkers, you can expect the usual latte and cappuccinos. I ordered one round of cappuccino to give myself a shot of caffeine so that I would appear more alert.

Kilimanjaro Snow tea - Lemon and Tangerine
After the coffee, I checked with the waitress which exotic sounding tea would go well with milk. She highly recommended Kilimanjaro Snow. Kilimanjaro is a mountain in Africa. You can click here to check out TWG website on their tea selection. When I tasted the tea without sugar and milk, it reminded me of a mild ice lemon tea. It went well with milk.

Blood Peach Jelly with Osmanthus Emulsion 

Blood Peach Jelly with Osmanthus Emulsion
Osmanthus emulsion tasted like sourish plum jelly with cream. Emulsion is basically getting two liquids which cannot be mixed together to stay mixed. It was light and refreshing. It did the job of preparing the palette of what was to come - Savouries!

 Heirloom Tomato Tartare Crostini with Goat Cheese Mousse


An heirloom tomato is generally considered to be a tomato variety that has been passed down through several generations of family. Tartare means that the food has been chopped and served raw. Crostini are small slices of toasted bread. I enjoyed this light bite because the pungent flavour of the goat cheese surprisingly went very well with the heirloom tomatoes.

Wolf berries Poached Chicken with ginger, chilli and soya glaze

Wolf berries Poached Chicken

It tasted exactly like its name. I am pretty sure it is a common dish in every Chinese family dinner. It was probably added in the afternoon tea menu for the Caucasians. 

Foie Gras Tart with Cherries and Balsamic Cavier

Foie Gras tart with Cherries and Balsamic Cavier

I enjoyed the Foie Gras Tart very much because the refreshing sweet and sour cherries balanced the heaviness of Foie Gras and Cavier. The combination was awesome. I might even try preparing it at home. This is a good tea item and it is a Must Try.

Rye Bread with Smoked Salmon and Red Onion

Rye Bread with Smoked Salmon and Red Onion

Rye bread, made with rye grains, is supposed to be healthier than white bread. This petite bite tasted delicious.

 Asparagus and Parmesan Mini Croissant Sandwich

Cheese Croissant

Open Faced Egg Mimosa with Truffle

Open faced Egg Mimosa With Truffle

Egg Mimosa, mashed eggs, is a French classic recipe. You can check out French Cooking for Dummies for the recipe. I enjoyed it but the Truffle flavour could be stronger.

The Wagyu Pastrami and Gem Lettuce Wrap 

Look out for the Rolled Wrap with Pinkish meat in the background.

Traditionally, Pastrami was created as a way to preserve beef before modern refrigeration. Pastrami has now evolved into an art. Unfortunately, this Beef Wrap tasted like hard doughy wrap with some salty ham. 

Madagascar Vanilla Scones, Cranberry Scones, Duck Rillettes and Cherry Confit Puffs, Forest Mushroom Quiche

Delicious Scones, Puffs and Quiches

The scones were beautiful - buttery, fresh and warm. The buttery fragrance of the scones went very well with the clotted cream and jam. Both the Duck Rillettes puffs and Mushrooms Quiches were delicious.

The sweets were served on a 3-tier tray. They looked very pretty, delicate and atas.

White Peach Lemon Pan De Genes
Cherry Clafoutis

Duo Cherry Black Forest

Cherry Pistachio Pate a Choux

Morrello Cherry Souffle Roll

Doughnut Peach Mousse

Overall, the desserts were not overly sweet as they included fruits such as cherries and peach. It would be lovely to include a chocolate dessert. Chocolate always puts a smile on me.

Good Ambience

Soothing Music

The ambience was great with live music from a pianist. The afternoon tea items were delicately prepared and coupled with a stunning view, Axis is perfect for relaxation. Do note that unlike The Clifford Pier, the food items are not refillable. 

Axis Bar and Lounge at Mandarin Oriental
Address: 5 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039797
Phone:6885 3500



  1. This would be a really nice place to lounge at on a Fri aftn. Or right before a public holiday.

  2. Hi Leong Yong! Glad you also like to chillax like me! I also think that this is perfect for a Fri afternoon chilling session!


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