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Starker Q @ Punggol - Freshly Brewed Beers, Cheap Food Stalls & Live Band!

Be warned: Starker Group has recently renovated and converted all their Starker Q into Starker Bistros. :(

Starker Q is awesome! It serves awesome beers and has an awesome atmosphere! The Starker group has a few outlets in Singapore and every outlet has its own unique feel. Starker Bistro are located at Zhongshan Park, HillV2 and Katong Square; Starker Music is located at Zhongshan Park; Starker Signature are located at Holland Village and Tanjong Pagar Centre; Starker Q are located at Punggol and JEM. You must click here to check out the difference between the various venues and choose your favourite Starker experience!

What makes Starker Q at Punggol unique?

A Variety of Cuisines

A variety of cuisines!

Starker Q at Punggol reminds me of Marche. It has different stalls selling a variety of cuisines such as Italian, Korean and Western.

Click to experience Starker Q!

Different Stalls selling Different Cuisines

Self-Service and Wallet Friendly

Reasonably Priced

There are several electronic self-ordering machines which are idiot-proof. After ordering and paying, we passed the receipts to the stalls and waited for our receipt numbers to be flashed on an electronic monitor. We then proceeded to collect our food.

Some of the bar food such as cheese sausages, nachos and chicken skin are below S$5! I feel that the prices are reasonable given the fact that the restaurant is beautifully decorated and fully air-conditioned. Imagine ordering cheap snacks with beer on a Friday night! Perfect! Please note that only Starker Q sells food at wallet friendly prices. The Starker Bistros serve food at higher prices.

Good Food

Chicken Skin and Korean Seafood Pancake
I always order Korean Seafood Pancake whenever I am at Starker Q. Although the quality was not consistent, it was never yucky. It ranged from nice to shiok (extremely delicious). The extremely delicious version was crispy. Oooh...the dipping sauce went very well with the spring onions.

The chicken skin that cost below S$3 was crispy and tasty. 

The pasta and mussels were very mediocre.

Roasted Pork Belly

The Pork Belly is one of Starker's signature dishes. The skin was crackling. The meat was juicy and tender. It was finished in no time. I definitely recommend ordering the Pork Belly to go with your beers. Another hot favourite is Pork Knuckle. I have not tried that. Please tell me if it is delicious.

Truffle Fries

The Truffle Fries were excellent. They were fried to a golden yellow and sprinkled with cheese! The fries were so crispy that we could not stop eating. The truffle smell was also awesome. 

Mixed Grill

For mains, we enjoyed the Mixed Grill without the beef steak. The chicken and pork chops were awesome and so were the sausages. The beef steak was very tough. I definitely recommend this dish without the beef.

Parma Ham Pizza

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Wings

The Parma Ham Pizza and Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Wings were misses. The Pizza was way too dry and the pizza crust was too tough for my liking. The Salted Egg Yolk sauce was clumpy and did not add any value to the dish. If you are a fan of Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Wings, you must try the version from Two Wings. Click here to check out my review.

Meatball Soup

We were very surprised to find Meatball Soup on the menu. This dish reminds me of the ones I had in Batam. The meatballs were delicious and the dish was quite cheap.

Authentic German Fresh Beers!

Lychee Beer available!

Fresh German Beers!

The most unique factor of Starker Group is their promise to serve fresh beer with a 7 day shelf life policy. The Lychee Beer is the best I have ever tasted. It does not taste like those lychee beer in a can that reminds you of Jolly Shandy (soft drink). It tastes like a very smooth beer with a hint of lychee fragrance. I could easily drink 2 pints of Starker Lychee Beers. Please click here if you want to read more about Starker Beers.

Beer Bar
After ordering our food from the electronic self-service machine, we then proceeded to order our beers from the bar. The beers are always reasonably priced and there are always promotions going on such as Buy 2 Get 1 Free.


Order by the Barrel


Enjoy a Barrel of beer under the tree!

It is a common sight at the Punggol outlet to see customers enjoying barrels of beer. 

Live Band!

Live Band

Aspiring local bands have a chance to perform at Starker Q Punggol. The songs were always nice as they entertained dedications. Therefore, the popular hits were always sung. The music could get very loud so if you want to chill and catch up with friends, you might want to consider sitting away from the stage. 

Interesting Ambience

My Childhood Friend walking up to Level 2!

Away from the noise!

Starker Q at Punggol has a dining area at Level 2. It is only opened when the area at Level 1 has been filled up. This was a special request. I enjoyed the dining area at Level 2 because I had not met my friend for a long time and this was definitely not the night to enjoy blasting music. We had a lot of privacy and it was extremely cosy.

Another reason why I felt that the outlet at Punggol had an unique atmosphere was the presence of kids! As Starker Q is situated right beside Punggol Waterway Point shopping centre, there are many parents with children. This is definitely not a common sight at a drinking place and good news to parents who want to chill with their kids. 

I love Starker Q and I will always be back. I also tried Starker Bistro at Katong. The place looked amazing but it cost a lot more. Tell me about your experience at the various Starker drinking places in Singapore!

Starker Q
Address: 85 Punggol Central #01-01, 828726
Phone: 6925 9381


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