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Bumblebee Blueberry Cheesecake - Temasek Polytechnic fight bet Aaron Lim Jun Jie & Ryan

Blueberry Cheesecake is actually the nickname given by a Temasek Polytechnic student to another fellow schoolmate possibly because of what he was wearing during a fight that broke out in the Lecture Theatre. He was also nicknamed Bumblebee possibly because of the same T-shirt.

Blueberry Cheesecake from Chateraise

Gist of the story

Aaron Lim Jun Jie was made famous overnight because of his ranting and taking off of his Blueberry Cheesecake T-shirt in front of his schoolmates in a LT. He claimed that his schoolmate, Ryan, had been taunting him since orientation, and that he did so quietly, to provoke him. Whenever Ryan provoked him (quietly), Aaron would retort loudly, causing his schoolmates to "misunderstand" that he was the one disrupting the lectures.

On this fateful day, Aaron not only retort, he also stood up and challenged people to a fight. One tall student stood up and attempted to choke him, calling him Blueberry Cheesecake. He also insinuated that he was a troublemaker because he was from ITE - Institute of Technical Education. Aaron then removed his shirt and started ranting for a long time.

Subsequently, it was found out that Aaron has been rude to his own mother and also to his teachers, which contributed to netizens hating him.


I am sorry that I burst out laughing when I heard the nickname "Blueberry Cheesecake". It sounded endearing instead of humiliating. It sounded like a pet name you would give to someone special. Too much attention and blame have been put on Aaron. 


What is Elitism? Elitism is the belief that a certain group of people with a certain quality such as higher intellect, is able to better contribute to society, therefore, deserving certain privileges and power. 

Many netizens have lashed out at Aaron, calling him to have more confidence in himself and to not look down on himself. Unless you yourself have walked the path that he has walked, how are you ever able to understand how he came to have a low self-esteem? According to him, he claimed that he has been laughed at because he came from ITE. This definitely highlighted the attitude of Elitism in Singapore. 

Singapore system supports elitism. We take pride in selecting those with higher intellect aka scholars, to lead the country. So far, it has resulted in our economy booming and our reputation among the people from other parts of the Earth, is solid proof. Unfortunately, this has also resulted in stress among some of the mediocre residents to try their very best to also produce children hopefully of higher intellect. This is good news to enrichment and tuition centres. There is no right or wrong to this approach. However, if this has resulted in snobbery and a lack of embrace of the person's other qualities, we will continue to rank low on happiness as a nation.


Apathy is a lack of concern, feeling or interest. From the video, many were indifferent while some of the students were entertained by the escalating situation. They were laughing and taking out their phones to film, with the intention of showing to their peers the latest happening in school. Some of the students voiced out for Aaron to stop not because they were afraid that anyone was going to be hurt but because he was wasting their time in the LT. Do you feel that apathy has been slowly creeping into your life?


Aaron claimed that he has been taunted regularly by Ryan and his friends since orientation. I find it very strange that hardly anyone online bothered to investigate his claim. Not everyone at the receiving end of insults, dare to shout at the top of his lungs to ask his taunters to stop and even went as far as to take off his shirt. Many suffered in silence. More attention should be paid to the perpetrators of this online debacle. Netizens also supported the perpetrators by saying that they are good guys. If a person wants to strangle another person in public, I think he needs some self-restraint lessons. 

Therefore, this letter is dedicated to Aaron LJJ.

Dear Aaron LJJ,

I am sorry that you have been judged based on the school you came from. This was immature of the others who just want to show you that they are better and they want to feel that they are better. They should just scold you for your wrong behaviour - rude to your mummy and teachers.

I like the shirt that you were wearing. It was bright yellow with dark blue stripes. Maybe you should consider producing Blueberry Cheesecake T-shirts and they might sell like hot cakes since you are also into becoming the next top Youtuber. 

Since you are slightly famous now, you can consider hanging out with successful people who graduated from ITE so that their good vibes will rub off you. 

Try to swear less often if you want, because look at Amos Yee. He has to flee to another country. The famous Youtubers do not swear as unnecessarily as you.

I am looking forward to quality work from you. Your recent OOTD pictures on Instagram are great!


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