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15% off The Clifford Pier Singapore High Tea Buffet with HSBC and SC cards!

The Clifford Pier is a posh restaurant occupying the original heritage site of the Clifford Pier whereby many of your parents have dated when they still had black hair. It has transformed into a restaurant with an opulent feel, serving local food. It is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of traditionally brewed Kopi in the Singapore style while indulging in the lush decor. 

Today, I am going to share with you my experience of the Singapore Afternoon Heritage Tea Buffet! Currently, there is a credit card promotion which gives you a 15% off with HSBC or Standard Chartered cards.

 Singapore Afternoon Heritage Tea Buffet 



Singapore Heritage Afternoon Tea
When you are indulging in such 3 tier sets, it is important to consider the feel, the ambience, the taste and sometimes, creativity. Overall, I enjoyed myself.

The set came with two layers of savouries and one layer of sweets. It also came with a basket of scones. You can order unlimited cups of tea or coffee from their selection. After the first round, you can order any other food item. Our stomachs were so small that we could not even finish our desserts. I will tell you why!

Kurobota Pork Kong Bak Bao

Fatty Pork Bao
Among all the food items, we enjoyed the Kong Bak Bao, 扣肉包, the most. This is not for the health enthusiasts. We enjoyed it because of the fats that melted in our mouth. The braised Kurobota pork was very tender and the flavour complimented the bread perfectly. Kurobota pork, aka black pig, reigned supreme in Japan in terms of its flavour. Pork lovers, click here to read more about the different types of high quality pork.

This was the first item we ate and thereafter, I was very full. I suggest you DO NOT start with the Kong Bak Pao.

Kueh Pie Tee

Carrot Cake with X.O. Chilli and Scrambled Eggs

Cruffin with Masala Potato and Curry Leaves

Kueh Pie Tee, Carrot Cake, Curry Puffs
The Kueh Pie Tee was very delicious because of its crispy cups, fresh ingredients and flavours. It had crab meat. We ordered a second round of Kueh Pie Tees.

The Carrot Cake (which looks like fried Chwee Kueh) was a good attempt at creativity. It had Hae Bee Hiam (dried shrimps) on top of the scrambled eggs. 

The cute curry puff pastry was delicious. The food items would definitely taste better if they were served piping hot. Most of the items were lukewarm or even cold when they were served during the first round.

Chilli Bak Kwa Jam on Egg Tart

Bak Kwa Tart
The custard tart with Bak Kwa tasted exactly like how it was named. It would go down well with people who want Bak Kwa in bread.

Chilli Crab Bao

Chilli Crab Man Tou 
The chilli crab sauce was delicious. I would prefer the buns to be served crispy and the chilli crab dip to be put aside. By the time we ate it, it was soggy.

Wagyu Beef Rendang Croqueatas

Wagyu Beef Croquette 
Wondering what is a croquette? It is a breadcrumbed fried food roll. The flakes were supposed to be crispy fried coconut. The food item was overwhelmed with a spicy sauce. It was not a bad sauce but it was so strong that I could hardly taste the coconut and I could not even make out the taste of the beef. Domage!

Nonya Chicken Curry and Roti Jala Wrap

Roti Jala
The Roti Jala with the curry chicken was yummy. The curry was very fragrant and the wrap was soft.

Plain Scone with Passion Fruit and Mango Jam

Tropical Fruit Scone with homemade Kaya


Jams and Sauces

The scones were good. They were served warm and fresh. The Kaya was delicious. The chilli sauce was also very yummy. It was not overly spicy and had a tangy edge to it.

Pandan Swiss Roll

Pandan Kueh

Bandung Macaron

By the time we finished the savouries, I was too full to try the sweets. According to my friend who was still going strong, she mentioned that the kueh was delicious. 

The drinks menu includes traditionally brewed Kopi and Teh. Both tasted like how Kopitiams brew them. Go for it!

Luxurious Feel

Good Ambience

Fullerton Bay Hotel
The Clifford Pier restaurant is located at Fullerton Bay Hotel. If you are Ubering or Grabbing, tell the driver to drop you at Fullerton Bay Hotel.

The Clifford Pier

Overall, we had a good time at The Clifford Pier and we were satisfied with the Singapore Heritage Afternoon Tea Buffet. The environment was very conducive for having good quality conversations. The tables were spaced wide apart, for privacy.

There is a 15% off with HSBC and Standard Chartered credit cards.

I also took a long walk, admiring our beautiful Marina Bay. Enjoy, my friends!

The Clifford Pier
Located in: The Fullerton Bay Hotel
Address: 80 Collyer Quay, 049326
Phone:6597 5266
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