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Greenwood Fish Market at Sentosa Cove - Fresh Seafood, Oyster Bar, Beautiful view of the Marina at Quayside Isle!

Greenwood Fish Market exudes a charm of its own, serving exotic seafood from all over the world and providing a breathtaking view of the marina at Quayside Isle. It is the perfect place for you to relax after a week of work and indulge in your favourite seafood such as Sashimi, Grilled Whole Fish and even Oysters. Sentosa Cove has a laid back feel and a walk by the marina after dinner brings a sense of calm, if not, romance.

Sashimi Platter
The eating of Sashimi (raw fish) has been a central element of Japanese cuisine as far back as a thousand years ago. Japanese eat their sashimi with wasabi, a root vegetable, known to have the effect of eliminating bacteria. I always make sure that I consume my sashimi with wasabi and also with a cup of hot green tea. Green tea contains catechins which can also kill bacteria. I wonder if that is the key to the longevity of Japanese.

The sashimi platter was very fresh and served on a bed of ice.



Shellfish such as oysters are aphrodisiacs as researchers have found them to be rich in rare amino acids which trigger the increase in the level of sex hormones. The article supporting this research is quite a nice read

The raw oysters were plump, juicy and fresh. 

Delicious Mussels

Seafood Pasta

Seafood Marinara

Whole Fish

Every dish was lovely. The taste was excellent and nothing beats fresh seafood. The only drawback was the pricing. It is definitely more expensive than the average restaurant in town but you will get what you came for - Good Food, Good Ambience, Good View. 

I also liked the fact that I could select the exotic sounding fish that I fancied from a particular country and read up facts about it. The big fish in the picture cost a lot - close to a hundred. 

Check out their online menu for an estimated cost of your meal.

Air-conditioned seating area

The restaurant was tastefully decorated. I liked the contrasting themes that went well with one another. The indoor seating area was fully air-conditioned.

Marina-front dining

Greenwood Fish Market

Greenwood Fish Market is a good place for you to pamper yourself if you are into seafood and a good view.

Located in: Quayside Isle
Address: 01-04/05, 31 Ocean Way, 098375
Phone: 6262 0450

Facebook Page:


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