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Trunk at Bay @ Punggol Settlement - Authentic Thai Food, Amazing Waterfront View

Trunk at Bay is situated at The Punggol Settlement. For the suakus (ignorant people), The Punggol Settlement is a beautiful and successful redevelopment of Punggol point. There are restaurants and pubs providing patrons with a seafront dining experience. I enjoy visiting The Punggol Settlement in the evening till night.

When it comes to Thai food, I often compare it with the original version eaten at Bangkok - tasty, fresh, zesty with a sourish and spicy kick. Trunk at Bay truly lives up to it's promise which is to deliver authentic flavours of the Land of Smiles. Read on to find out what the surprising dish of the day was.

Glass Noodle Seafood Salad S$12

Glass Noodle Seafood Salad

The Glass Noodle Seafood Salad is a common appetiser in Thai cuisine. The glass noodles are soaked in a tangy and spicy sauce, usually served with seafood. Trunk's version was perfect for people who enjoyed a fiery kick. My tongue was on fire! Don't get me wrong. I love chilli but just not to the point that all I could feel was pain on my tongue. I requested the kitchen to reduce the heat of the chilli which they kindly obliged. The seafood was fresh and the serving was generous.

Dish of the Day! Surprise, Surprise! 

Signature Thai Fried Rice S$10

Signature Thai Fried Rice

Looks can be deceiving. The Fried Rice definitely tasted better than it looked. At Ducky's insistence, we ordered Fried Rice. She swore by it and she vouched that it would be delicious. Oh my, this was really yummy, yummy enough to be unforgettable. The success criteria of any fried rice is Wok Hei. How do I explain Wok Hei to non Singaporeans? Wok Hei is the unexplained aroma produced by the intense heat of the wok. The eggs were also extremely delicious.

Tom Yum Soup (Clear Base) S$16

Tom Yum Soup

I have unusual standards for Tom Yum Soup. There are some Tom Yum Soups that can make me feel dizzy as if I am high on whatever you call it. My friends suggested that I could be allergic to a certain ingredient but who cares as long as I feel shiok (very high). 

So... This Tom Yum  Soup was nice but I did not feel high. I suggest to my readers to try the Red Base or Coconut Base. There were so many mushrooms that I could not see the seafood.

Tom Yum Soup

I was very impressed that the Tom Yum Soup was served with a flame to ensure that the soup was sufficiently hot. Thumbs up!

Pandan Chicken 

S$12 (4 pieces)

Pandan Chicken

The Pandan Chicken was delicious as the marination was on point; the chicken parts were tender; there was a distinct aroma from the pandan leaves. The only drawback was the price. S$12 for 4 pieces of chicken was way too expensive for me for a restaurant in Punggol Settlement.

Thai Otah S$8

Thai Otah

The Thai Otah is a Must Try. I loved the fragrance of it especially the pieces of fish mixed with the coconut paste. It was not overly spicy and I also loved the coconut cream that was drizzled onto the Otah.

Thai Otah

Otah is a grilled fish cake, made with tapioca starch and spices. Thai Otah usually also contains a hint of the lemongrass aroma. 

The texture of the Thai Otah at Trunk was on the softer side and for those of you who do not enjoy soft mashed food, you might prefer a firmer version. This version is perfect for me!

There are many other delicious items on the menu that I wish to try. Click here to access the online menu.

Grilled items





Trunk at Bay

The ambience at Punggol Settlement is always lovely especially during the evening when it is not so hot and if you are lucky, you can catch the purple hues in the sky as the sun sets. Trunk at Bay is a good choice for you if you are craving for a variety of good Thai Food at a slightly higher price in Punggol. I felt that it is expensive because I am comparing it to Nakhon - famous but I have not blogged about it yet. I will choose Trunk over say, Thai Express?

Enjoy, my readers! Have a great time!

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