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Les Pâtisseries at Upper Thomson - Authentic tasting French Cakes & Tarts, Interesting Mains, Lovely Drinks!

Les Pâtisseries, located along Upper Thomson Road, means "the cake shop, the pastries and cakes" in French. Les Pâtisseries was founded in 2014, specialising in French delicacies of freshly baked bread and intricately designed pastries, cakes and tarts. The French take their desserts very seriously and the country has made cooking and baking into an art. Famous desserts such as Macarons, Opera Cakes and Éclairs originated from France. Even the buttery Croissants and Madeleines are classic French recipes. 

French Desserts


Look at how pretty the dessert looks like in the picture! The French cream recipe was light and decadent. I also loved the crunch from the nuts. The strawberries had a light crunch and tasted fresh. The dessert was well put together. I would not try this again because there were many other beautiful looking desserts!

Opera Cake
The Opera Cake is a rich French dessert that combines coffee and chocolate. The Opera Cake has layers of almond sponge cake, soaked in coffee syrup and bitter sweet ganache. Ganache is a whipped filling of chocolate and cream. I definitely recommend the Opera Cake if you are a chocolate and coffee dessert fan. As for myself, I would want to try the other cakes and tarts! Check them out in the next picture.

French Desserts
 Oooh, look at the pretty Lychee Raspberry cakes and Hazelnut tarts! The French truly takes dessert making to the next level! I recommend Les Pâtisseries if you are craving for authentic French desserts for S$9 and S$10. It feels pretty pricey for a neighbourhood shop but it claims that the ingredients are air-flown.



Click here to check out the extensive food and drinks menu.

Other than the gorgeous cakes and tarts, Les Patisseries serves an extensive food and drinks menu. It has vanilla, caramel and nutella lattes and dirty Chai latte. It also serves Kronenbourg Blanc, a very smooth and light French beer.

Coffee Art

Soup of the Day S$6
The Cream of Cauliflower tasted a tad too salty for my palette. On a positive note, it was creamy and smooth. I felt that the taste of the cauliflower could be much stronger.

Chicken Goma Salad  S$13

The Chicken Goma Salad was very yummy! I enjoyed the crunchy breaded chicken strips and the roasted sesame dressing. The greens were very fresh. The salad also looked very pretty, with the brightly coloured flowers.

Prawn Paste Chicken S$10

The Prawn Paste Chicken was delicious and unique. The batter was extremely light and airy. It is impossible to achieve this standard at home. Because of the unique batter, the dish did not resemble the original version of Prawn Paste Chicken served at Zi Char stalls. 

Les Patisserie

One thing that I really did not like about Les Patisseries was the ambience. It lacked the Parisian chic look. The long tables and stools made it look like an office canteen. It was cold and a definite mismatch to the gorgeous cakes. I hope that Les Patisseries will revamp the restaurant and replace the furniture.

Les Patisserie
Address: 222 Upper Thomson Road, 574354
Phone:9744 0504


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