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Ginger at Park Royal Beach Road Buffet - 25% off unlimited lobsters and crabs!

If you fancy indulging in unlimited servings of piping hot lobsters and crabs, Ginger, located at Park Royal (Beach Road), might satisfy your craving. I have no idea why the restaurant is named Ginger. Do you?

Unlimited servings of lobsters and crabs

There was this amazing lovely lady who kept prompting me for the Promo Code. I responded negatively to the quiz and she finally revealed the answer - LADYIRONCHEF. She kindly informed me that with the Promo Code, I would be entitled to a 25% off! Unexpected discounts usually result in moments of happiness. It is S$51++ per pax after discount instead of S$68++. I did not see some of the dishes he mentioned in the blog. (The blog post has just vanished.)

I also stumbled upon other blogs on Ginger and the experience was also not consistent. Therefore, what I am writing in this post might not be what you will be experiencing.

Most Worth it dishes


Grilled Lobsters

Lobsters are somewhat perceived as the King of Seafood. It can cost as much as S$80 per lobster at places like Dancing Crab. A good lobster is perfectly cooked, with succulent flesh and it is usually accompanied with a hint of seafood sweetness. It is not too tough, just right.

Fun Fact: Lobsters can cure depression? Check out this article.

The sauce that was spread on the Ginger's version of Grilled Lobster, was overpowering for me. It was tangy and spicy. The lobsters were chewy. Lobsters are best cooked with garlic and butter or chardonnay sauce. Lobsters are nonetheless, very expensive when you order them ala carte at restaurants so I reckon it is still worth a try?

Lobsters with a tangy spicy sauce

The replenishment of lobsters was good, even at 9p.m., so you will not be able to see diners jostling with one another for the delicacy.

Torched lobsters with tangy sauce

The tangy sauce was just right for this time round but the smell of the blowtorch was really strange. It had a strong kerosene smell, unlike those used for Aburi sushi. Check out my Yubahut post for those of you who are into Aburi Sushi.

Chilli Crabs

Chilli Crabs

Most visitors to Singapore always request for Chilli Crabs, especially from Jumbo Seafood. It almost seems as if it is our National Dish. Truth be told, other than Chilli Crabs, I love to eat Crab Tang Hoon Soup at Melben. Usually, I order Creamy Salted Egg Crabs and Black Pepper Crabs at Seafood restaurants. Be sure to try other flavours if you are visiting Singapore!

Ginger restaurant's Chilli Crabs was surprisingly good. Usually, buffets serve crabs of a lower quality so I was surprised that the flesh was rather sweet and firm! The sauce was delicious. 

Seafood on Ice

Scallops, Prawns and Gong Gong

The most delicious seafood were the prawns. They were huge and very sweet. Without Ladyironchef promo code, the buffet costs S$68++. What is missing from the Seafood on Ice? 

Oysters! It will be great if Ginger considers serving oysters. Ginger also does not serve Sashimi. Therefore, this buffet is seriously for Lobsters and Crabs lovers.

Delicious Dishes

Grilled Station

Grilled Prawns, Stingrays, Chicken Wings
The Grilled Prawns were fantastic as they were sweet and fresh. The Stingrays were bland but perfectly cooked and overall, enjoyable. 

Penang Prawn Noodles


Rich Broth

A bowl of good Penang Prawn Noodles tastes rich, tasty with a sharp spicy kick in the tongue. I like the broth as it was exactly that. Strangely, it did not have any prawns in the dish. Well, it is not a problem as you can always take a prawn from the Grilled station and add it into your prawn soup.

Indian Cuisine

There is something soothing about a good pot of curry. These pots of curries tasted very comforting - piping hot with amazing aroma from the spices.

Interesting Finds

Braised Intestines

Braised Intestines

I was extremely surprised to find braised intestines in a hotel buffet. The dish consisted of braised pork belly and intestines with sauce that had an intense flavor of Star Anise. The meat and intestines were very soft.

Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh

The literal translation for Bak Kut Teh is Pork Ribs Tea although the ribs are not cooked in tea. Traditionally, Chinese eat this dish with Chinese Tea brewed in a teapot poured over mini teacups. The purpose of the Chinese Tea is to aid in the digestion of the fatty meat used in the soup.

The broth of Ginger's version was on point as it was piping hot and the peppery aroma was soothing to any tired soul.

What else to expect?

Bread and Cheese Station

Japanese Sushi


Chinese Soup

Roasted Chicken

Malay Dish

Hot Dishes cooked in Chinese Style

Usually, buffets have a Cai Fan (Economic Rice Store in a food court or hawker centre) section and Ginger was no exception. The only exception so far, was Carousel. Carousel prepared amazing hot sides, with recipes that could rival Masterchef's. Check out my Carousel post.

Fried Rice with Egg
This particular Fried Rice with Egg choked me with much emotion. I thought that only my late mummy would fry rice with dark soya sauce and eggs bits. Usually, fried rice is pale yellow with colourful ingredients. The taste of this fried rice also tasted very similar to what I have tried during my childhood. Although the taste was not restaurant worthy, I always enjoy eating it since young.

Black Pepper Beef

Salt and Pepper Fish

The Salt and Pepper fish reminded me of Taiwan cuisine. I enjoyed this as the batter was crispy and the marination was well balanced.

Stewed Beancurd


The dessert selection was fair. There were cakes, Kuehs, ice cream and even red bean soup. I am not big on desserts so I did not try everything. I enjoyed the Strawberry Tart as the crust was buttery and the texture was right.

Apple Crumble Tart

Strawberry Tart

Ang Ku Kueh

Do you know that Ang Ku Kueh's Ang Moh Mia is Red Tortoise Cake? Ang ku kueh or red tortoise cakes are shaped to look like tortoise shells with the Chinese character “shou” or “longevity” imprinted in the centre. It is made with soft sticky glutinous rice wrapped around a sweet or salty filling.

More Kueh

Red Velvet Cakes

Fruits for the health conscious folks

Toppings for Ice Cream

Bread Pudding and Red Bean Soup

Coffee and Tea

I will only recommend this buffet if you are a fanatic fan of Grilled Lobsters and Chilli Crabs at a fairly reasonable price. It cost S$51++ after the Ladyironchef Promo Code.

I did not manage to try the Braised Bee Hoon Crab as the kitchen stopped replenishing the dish by 9p.m. The buffet ends at 10p.m.

For me, I will always be back if I miss my mummy's Dark Soya Sauce Fried Rice with Eggs.

"I realised very early the power of food to evoke memory, to bring people together, to transport you to places and I wanted to be a part of that." Jose Andres Puerta, chef



Located in: PARKROYAL Serviced Suites Singapore
Address: 7500A Beach Road, Level 1, 199591
Phone: 6505 5710

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