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Muugu Fork - Halal Cafe, Rainbow Cheese Dippers!

Hello Cheese Lovers! Have you tried the Rainbow Cheese Dippers at Muugu Fork? Muugu Fork is a Halal certified cafe at Arab Street. It has been serving cafe food since 2010 and recently, it launched its very instagram worthy Rainbow Cheese Dippers!

Rainbow Cheese Dippers
I just had a fantastic time at Muugu Fork with my beautiful princess who has just gotten married a few months ago. We met for a teabreak from 5ish to 7ish and Muugu Fork is perfect for a good time with friends. So...

Why is Muugu Fork perfect for a good time with friends?

Good Location

A good location is very important when we are organising a catching up session with friends especially those whom we have not met for a while. Sometimes, we are just too shy to voice our grunts whenever the location is not easily accessible or too far off. Muugu Fork is centrally located at Arab Street and is a 5 minutes walk from Bugis MRT station. Perfect!

Delicious and Instagram Worthy!

I am a cheese lover, especially fried cheese. A good Fried Cheese has to be firm and yet chewy,coated with a cripsy batter. Look at the picture below. I could do a long cheese pull with one hand and take the shot with the other. Rainbows always bring cheer and excitement. Pretty!

Rainbow Cheese Dippers

Yummy Dips

Muugu Fork put in effort in the dips that came with the Rainbow Cheese Dippers. The mayonnaise had an amazing aroma from garlic? The salsa dip was also very refreshing and delicious! Thumbs up!

Crispy Batter

Interesting drinks

Cranberry Orange
The menu has a variety of drinks, ranging from pots of calming teas and coffees to even Mocktails. We ordered a pot of tea and the cafe was nice in providing 2 cups. I had experience in other cafes whereby they have this irritating rule of One Teapot One Cup $%#*.

Extensive and Reasonably Priced Menu

You can access Muggu Fork menu here. I was very impressed that the cafe served small bites, pastas, pizzas, local delights and desserts! There is something for everyone and this is important when organising a gathering for friends. We wanted to order Crab Cakes but it was not available. 

The food items were priced reasonably. One can easily get a good meal for below S$20.

Chillax Ambience

Around 7ish, the cafe was packed. Although it was crowded, it was not overly noisy. We were seated at a nice corner, indulging ourselves in girly talk. The cafe was dimly lit, providing a cosy atmosphere. I felt relaxed. 

Good Service

After our Rainbow Cheese Dippers, we did not order anything else because we had our dinner appointments elsewhere. Never once did I felt pressured to leave or to order more. We ordered a pot of hot green tea and continued to chillax for another hour or so. I will definitely look forward to trying more food at Muugu Fork!

Muugu Fork
I was searching for Muugu Fork address to paste onto my blog and was kindly informed by Google that I visited this place one week ago! Creepy! Google knows our every whereabouts.

Address: 142 Arab Street, 199828
"Your past visits: You visited 1 week ago ·"

Phone: 6292 7363

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  1. i love this and I tried this and it taste very good and best food for kids. Also I suggest if you want to add taste to the mozzarella stick instead of it just being cheese add your own seasoning in the no egg batter thing. I personally think this way to making mozerella sticks is way better than the eggs, four and bread crumbs wa


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